Yumi’s Cells episode 15 : Release date, Spoilres, Watch Online



Yumi’s Cells episode 15 Analysis| This feel-good korean drama series revolves around the life of Yumi. She is working in an office and is living the typical life of an introvert. As an introvert, she is having trouble expressing her feelings at work and in her personal life. this leads to an unsatisfactory and constant state of nervousness residing in her. This series reflects the life that she is living through the different cells that are living inside her brain. These cells reflect her emotions and feelings about different scenarios and people that she herself finds it difficult to show or reveal. Does this remind you of Inside out? well, it does have pretty much the same vibe but feels equally wholesome. Its an instant mood-lifter. These cells guide us through the difficult situation that Yumi in particular and introverts, in general, have to deal with on a regular basis.

These cells represent several emotions that yumi feels such as sadness, anger, happiness, bored and the likes. This is a rom-com and feel-good series.  This series is based on a webtoon that was released in the same title. The series was released on television in September 2021. It has a  total of 16 episodes. Due to the amazing response from the audience, there has been talks from the production that it will be renewed for a  second season. The second season of the series will be released in the middle of next year. In addition, the broadcast rights of the show have been reproduced to networks across Asia, Europe and the States. This garners the popularity of the series. The series has been directed by Lee Sang-yeob. The series has been written for television by Kim Kyung-ran and Kim Yoon-joo. It is based on the work of Yumi’s cells by  Lee Dong-gun.

Where to watch Yumi’s Cells episode 15

All the episodes of the series are available for viewing on the TVN network. It is showcased during the weekends at 10:50 KST. The korean viewers can easily access the show by tuning in to their televisions at the given time. As for our other viewers, the series can be viewed through online streaming platforms such as Kocowa and Viki. You have to log in the websites using the required credentials. Once that is done, you can pay more a monthly subscription that will help you to watch the series without any ad breaks. You will also be eligible to watch the episodes by downloading it. Once it is downloaded on your device, you can watch it according to your preferred time slot.

Yumi’s Cells episode 15 spoilers

The 15th episode of the series is titled “Show Your True Feelings.” This episode will showcase the anxiety cells putting up a fight against the other cells. The answers are still still not ready by the solutions team and the anxiety cell is still trying to convince them to do it her way.


Here is the preview of the next episode.

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