Youth in Orbit


Youth in Orbit

In the year 2045, Artificial Intelligence has advanced so much that space travel is already possible, and many people live on the Moon. One day, a group of children who live on the moon and others who live on earth decide to travel to a Japanese space station, Anshin, to meet up. But what they don’t know is that their future is already decided by the «Seventh Poem».
Qualification: Chikyugai Shônen Shôjo
Gender: Science fiction
Release date: 01-28-2022
Episodes: 6
Direction: mitsuo iso
Character design: Ken`ichi Yoshida
Music: Rei Ishizuka
Duration: 30 minutes approx.
Animation Studio: Production + h.
Web page:
Space Survival (by Corj)
Jovenes en Órbita takes us by the hand to the not too distant future (we are talking about 2045) so that we can live a space adventure in all its splendor. All this using typical elements of science fiction with its space travel or its advanced AI, but knowing how to perfectly introduce things as current as the use and great dependence on social networks.
© MITSUO ISO/avex pictures・地球外少年少女製作委員会 After a first episode that serves to introduce all its characters and put us in a situation of the advances that humanity has achieved, Jovenes en Órbita becomes a survival game in which the protagonists will have to join forces and leave behind their differences to be able to defeat an environment as hostile as outer space. And here the tension that is experienced on more than one occasion comes into play, which makes the viewer easily hooked on television and ends up consuming one episode after another without hardly noticing the time. With respect to its protagonists, we find the typical cast made up of people with very different personalities between them. In my case, at first it was quite difficult for me to connect with most of them, especially with Touya and Miina, the first because of their attitude and the second because of the fact that they were all day aware of their followers on social networks. However, as the story progresses and you get to know them more thoroughly, you grow fond of them and it becomes easier to put yourself in their shoes.
© MITSUO ISO/avex pictures・地球外少年少女製作委員会 Technically, the series looks quite good, especially considering that it is the first project of the Production +h studio. It is true that the animation can sometimes be a bit rough and the CGI sings a lot, but it is compensated with a very nice artistic section. With regard to the soundtrack, it fulfills its mission of perfectly setting what is seen on the screen, although it is missing some of those songs that you cannot stop listening to. In short, Jovenes en Órbita may not be the best series to be released this year, but it has enough to have a good time in front of television. In addition, having only six episodes (although a little longer than usual), it is easy to consume. So, if you have a Netflix subscription, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

General: 3 Script: 3 Animation: 3 Design: 4 Music: 3

Space Metaphysical Adventure (by Cooperlynch)
Being space and science fiction one of my favorite topics in any of its facets, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a look at the new proposal that comes to us from Netflix. This comes to us in the form of an adventure in which a group of young people and adults live who must survive in a complicated environment, collaborate, solve their differences and decipher an enigma that could endanger the continuity of human life as we know it. .
© MITSUO ISO/avex pictures・地球外少年少女製作委員会 This interesting premise is joined by a slightly different format than usual, since this time we have 6 episodes of 30 minutes each. In them we are shown a story that works well, in which we get to know the different characters and the circumstances that define them, and although some are more interesting than others, all of them manage to form an interesting and entertaining ensemble. In addition, the succession of troubles they experience, the way they try to solve them and unravel the background of the story make Jovenes en Órbita work like a well-oiled machine that doesn’t lose its pulse. As well It is worth noting that the story has a metaphysical and existentialist tone that gives it a certain depth. without falling into pedantry. Technically, the series looks more than correct despite the CGI, with very attractive, colorful, original and sometimes even somewhat surreal environments. This is complemented by attractive character design and personality. On the other hand, the dubbing is quite correct, although there are a couple of details that have “scratched” me, such as keeping the Japanese expression for pain “itatatata” from Nasa in Spanish instead of using our classic “ay ay ay” or the greeting de Mina to her followers with “Mina minna” instead of a “hello everyone” or something similar. This, although it may seem silly, took me out of the action a bit, but it is not a burden either. As for the musical section, this has not been particularly remarkable.
© MITSUO ISO/avex pictures・地球外少年少女製作委員会 All in all, I think that Jovenes en Órbita is a very interesting production. A rather refreshing space adventure that is well worth a look.

General: 3 Script: 3 Animation: 3 Design: 4 Music: 2


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