Youn Yu Jung Initially Turned Down Her Role in “Pachinko”.

Youn Yu Jungan actress who has 52 years of an outstanding acting career, revealed that Apple TV + told her to audition to be part of the cast in its next series «Pachinko«. The actress recently participated in an online press conference for her upcoming Apple TV+ series “Pachinko“, which will be released on March 25. During the online press conference, she mentioned that Apple TV+ informed her that she needed to audition for a role in the drama.

Youn Yuh Jung for “Pachinko” “It doesn’t make sense for me to audition after acting for decades,” he continued Youn Yu Jung. She stated that she has heard of the American culture where long-time actors were not asked to audition for her role, but she was asked as a foreign actress. She explained, “If I auditioned and the show said, ‘We don’t think you’re right for this role,’ then people in the industry would say, ‘She failed the audition.’ I couldn’t risk ruining my 50-year career for this role, so I threw all eight scripts out the front door.” “Then they assured me that was not the case, and that they wanted me to join the drama, so I jumped on the project,” the actress continued. It was also revealed that Lee Minhoon the contrary, if he auditioned for his role in «Pachinko«, “I know there were six auditions in total, but I think I did 4 of them”, he said Lee Minho that day. Zapzee Credits

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