Wow the Boruto Episode 259, Release date, Spoilers and Preview

Boruto Episode 259 released?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is one of the most worldwide made entertainment which is giving positive vibes towards and manga series based in the same universe as the previous Naruto installments. Most of the fans have been curiously awaiting for the new and latest release dates, times , cast, and other facts about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 259. Though the last episode was released with a minor delay, fans are still delighted and are impatiently awaiting Episode 259.

Boruto Episode 259 spoilers

Right now as the boruto will be airing on 24 July as per the anime director posted on the website.
This episode will be premiered in Japan on a TV show and it will be previewed In Fuji tv. As the Episode 258 is still on the line the latest spoilers are still at difficult row as the upcoming trailers and spoilers might be available any time in the Reddit for all the rumers. But few critics are mentioning it to be around 21 st July.

Boruto Episode 259 where to watch?

Boruto Episode 259 will be available digitally at many platforms. Because many of the platforms are free or either discounted to be streaming the episodes of Boruto.
You can still check it out on crunchyroll and anime labs which are two websites to watch for free. These are few easy and good websites but there will be few ads rolling up in there.

Boruto Episode 259

Boruto Episode 259 what to know about?

Like, every other episode so far, Episode 259 will be going to air worldwide on July 24, 2022 according to the following timelines:

  • PDT – 2 am, July 24
  • CDT – 4 am, July 24
  • EDT – 5 am, July 24
  • BST – 10 am, July 24
  • CST– 11 am, July 24
  • IST – 2:30 pm, July 24
  • Philippine time – 5 pm, July 24
  • ACDT – 6:30 pm, July 24

Boruto Episode 259 Plot

The plot of Boruto Episode 259 is not known at this moment to the whole world. This is why we are going to bring a short recap of what happend in the Episode 256, the most recent one that has aired all the world.

This Episode 259 is used to cover up all the major parts of the anime with multi parllel in the episode as well which can get more intense for all anime lovers. This is making all the anime lovers out there to hold their enthusiaism till they wait to get the spoiler of Episode 259.

Boruto Episode 258 Recap

Boruto Episode 237 was very exciting as Boruto, Kawaki, Kagura, and the Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist fought Tenma Funato which is one of the unique way of the anime lovers. They infiltrated the Funato Fortress and destroyed it. This attack also served as a distraction but for now it is actually, and they were able to get closer to the Chakra cannon.

Anyway but for the latest updates on 247 Prime News.

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