Woman describes her nightmare after being virtually raped in the Facebook metaverse

British psychotherapist and researcher Nina Jane Patel reported being "virtually gang raped" on the Facebook metaverse . "Within 60 seconds of walking in, I was verbally and sexually harassed ," she said.

According to Patel, the technological advancement of the simulation made it feel as if it had happened in real life .

The metaverse researcher said she felt "shocked" after three to four avatars attacked her moments after entering the virtual world.

Nina Jane Patel's avatar.

In a post on Medium, Patel said: Within 60 seconds of walking in, I was verbally and sexually harassed: three to four male avatars, with male voices, essentially, but my avatar was virtually gang raped and had photos taken. When I tried to walk away, they yelled at me: ' Don't pretend you didn't like it ' .

It is not the first time that cases of sexual violence have been reported in the metaverse . In early December, a beta tester reported that an unknown person groped her avatar .

A spokesperson for Meta said the tech company regrets Patel's experience and that its intention is for Horizon Venues users to have a "positive experience" and to be able to "easily find security tools to help them in a situation like this." . "They will help us investigate and take action," they said.

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