Astrology also plays a very important role when it comes to talking about sexual chemistry. Not everyone connects in the same way with some people as with others, especially if we talk about situations that lead us to bed. Our personality and the stage of life we ​​are living makes us need some things or others. If you want to know with what sign will sparks fly in bed this 2022you just have to keep reading:


Aries, you are a passionate person in every way. In your relationships there always has to be sexual chemistry because you know that otherwise things will not work very well. This 2022 you want to experience more than ever, you have the need to let your hair down and try new things, things that make you feel unforgettable things. The sign with which sparks will jump in bed this 2022 is Sagittarius. He will accompany you on all your adventures and will not leave you indifferent at any time.


Taurus, you are a cautious person, but very passionate in private. Hugs, caresses and affection are a very important part of your life when it comes to giving and receiving love. This 2022 you want to cross your limits and test yourself in bed and there is no one better to do it than Scorpio. At his side you will discover your wildest and darkest facet, a facet that will leave you speechless and that you will never want to leave.


Gemini, you are a very curious person. You love to innovate and try new things in all aspects of your life. You never say no to something new because you know that it is the best way to see the world and to know yourself. This 2022 in bed you want to discover your most sensitive side. The sign that is going to make sparks fly in bed is Taurus because it is going to give you the stability and sensitivity that you need and at the same time it is going to fulfill all your fantasies.


Cancer, your sensitivity characterizes you in all areas of life. In bed you like to give everything as long as there is affection. This 2022 you need security and protection in bed to feel comfortable and be able to give it your all. That is why the sparks will fly in your bed with Capricorn. He will understand you from the beginning and will make you feel protected at all times, so don’t miss the opportunity to spend nights of passion by his side.


Leo, your wild and passionate side needs to be satisfied at all times. This 2022 you want to be close to someone who understands your desire to want to lose your breath every time you get into bed. Gemini is the best ally you can have in bed during this 2022 since he will encourage you to innovate and fulfill all your fantasies. His open mind can make you enjoy like never before, so let yourself go and don’t think too much.


Virgo, you are a person who likes to be in control of the situation at all times, and in bed it would not be much less. You are very generous, but you like to be in control of the situation. This 2022 you want to test yourself and let yourself go a little, that is, you want to leave the reins to someone else. Your best ally this 2022 in bed is neither more nor less than another Virgo. If it is not you who wears them, it is better that someone else who looks like you wears them to give you everything you like.


Libra, in bed you like to have all your senses activated so you don’t miss any of those sensations that arise when you share all your intimacy with someone. Despite being a shy person, you are very active in bed. Aries can make this 2022 sparks fly in your bed. He is going to make you step out of your comfort zone and do things that you would never have imagined before. Have fun and don’t think about anything else but enjoying yourself.


Scorpio, it is not a secret that you are the most passionate sign of the entire zodiac and whoever does not know it, is quite confused. You love to let your hair down in bed and satisfy all your desires. You don’t cut a hair and do everything you want. Another Scorpio can be your best ally in bed during this 2022 because he will never judge you for what you want, what’s more, surely he will want it too and won’t put any problem.


Sagittarius, you are a very adventurous person, you like to test yourself and try all kinds of things. You do not like to stay with the desire for anything and that is why this 2022 you need someone who does not cut your wings. Aquarius can be a great ally to put in your bed this year. Thanks to his open mind he will be able to keep up with you and he will never say no, he loves to try new things and learn from the people he has by his side.


Capricorn, you are super loyal in every way. You like to experiment with your body as long as it is with someone you trust. You can become a bit traditional, but you don’t give yourself to just anyone. Cancer is the perfect person to put in your bed this 2022 because he will know how to give you everything you need. He has sensitivity and is fully committed to the people he loves. Do not miss the opportunity to create a special bond.


Aquarius, you are a super independent person. In bed you like to share very passionate moments, but sometimes you even enjoy it much more in solitude than in company. This 2022 you need someone who makes you learn new things and makes you experience unforgettable sensations. Sagittarius is your best ally since his adventurous side will make you experience things that you would never have imagined before. Let yourself go as always and don’t think about anything else.


Pisces, you are a very emotional person in all aspects of your life and in bed it was not going to be much less. You need to connect in a very special way to let yourself go and experience to the fullest. This 2022 you need to get out of your comfort zone, so try to connect with a Capricorn who gives you stability, but at the same time pushes you with all that strength he has. Let others have control of the situation and you will be positively surprised.

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