Windows 11: these are its new features

Users who have bought a new computer in recent months have found that their new equipment comes pre-installed with Windows 11, which completely redesigns the environment of this operating system and focuses on offering solutions to facilitate both study and hybrid work. . In the same way, there have been many who have already updated their computers for free after receiving a notice through Windows Update. In fact, the success has been such that, as explained by Panos Panay, Director of Product for Windows and Devices at Microsoft, a strong demand and preference for Windows 11 has been observed since its launch in October 2021: the percentage of users who have chosen to upgrade to Windows 11 is already up to twice as fast as Windows 10. In addition, it has achieved the highest product quality and satisfaction scores of any version of Windows and has enabled users to spend 40% more time time on your PC compared to Windows 10 thanks to improvements in areas such as multitasking or features to improve productivity.

New features

In order to continue adapting to user needs, new features have been added in recent weeks, including a public preview of how Android apps can be used on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store and alliances with Amazon and Intel; Taskbar enhancements with mute and call unmute, easier window sharing, and the addition of weather to the taskbar, plus the introduction of two new redesigned applications, Notepad and Notepad. MediaPlayer.

The Windows ecosystem: more alive than ever

Windows 11 is the most secure and inclusive edition created by Microsoft to date. At CES, partners such as Acer, AMD, ASUS, Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Qualcomm or Razer presented different innovations in PCs with Windows focused on personal use in addition to the range of Surface devices, while Lenovo announced the first device available with Microsoft Pluto, demonstrating the variety of options available on the market. Windows provides a broad and open ecosystem with all kinds of options in terms of form factors, models or prices in terms of hardware, software, applications, peripherals and much more. Plus, it’s helping to triple traffic to the newly redesigned Microsoft Store, creating greater economic opportunities for creators and developers.

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