Life teaches us many things throughout our lives and one of them is not to trust the wrong people, but until we get to that point we go through many others before. One of them is because of that streak in which we are not able to trust anyone. If you want to know why don’t you trust anyone based on your zodiac signyou just have to keep reading:


Aries, you always go with the truth ahead and it is quite frustrating that others do not. You are tired of feeling cheated 24/7 and for this reason you absolutely do not trust anyone. You prefer to live your life without having to count on anyone because you know that it is the best way to avoid disappointment. Be true to your principles, but Aries, do not forget that not everyone is the same.


Taurus, you don’t trust anyone because you know that everyone lies. You hate those people who promise you heaven and then don’t lift a finger to get it. You don’t believe a single word that comes out of people’s mouths, you just trust yourself. You are a logical and sincere person, you analyze everything in detail so as not to be disappointed and, even so, you take them. For all this you do not trust anyone.


Gemini, you’ve been trusting people for so long that you can’t anymore. They have played with you as they wanted and you will not endure a single betrayal more. You don’t trust anyone because you’ve seen what people will do to save their own asses. You are tired of giving everything to receive nothing in return because despite having the reputation of being a selfish sign, you are not.


Cancer, you have always given yourself to others without asking for anything in return because it is part of your nature, but you are tired of being taken advantage of your kindness. You have a heart that does not fit in your chest that very few people know how to value. Thanks to your experience, you know that most people do not keep their word, so it is impossible for you to trust someone.


Leo, you are a super open person, you always think positive and you have unparalleled strength and security, but experience has taught you many things. You find it easier to see the worst in others than to see the best. That’s why you can’t trust anyone, because you tend to see their flaws and forget all their virtues. Don’t be fooled. Leo, not everyone is the same.


Virgo, you only trust yourself because you know that others always have the possibility of hurting you. You do not trust anyone because the world has shown you that it is very selfish. You don’t need anyone to be happy, so it’s not an inconvenience for you to navigate through life alone. You are super independent, you have always shown it and you will continue to do so, you are very clear about it.


Libra, every time you trust someone, they ruin your life. That is why you have given up trying to trust others. It is not worth suffering for people who do not value you as you deserve. Make your life and don’t think about anything else. There is only one life, so do everything you want without counting on anyone because it is obvious that the only thing others want is to take advantage of your kindness.


Scorpio, you have never met someone who has shown you that you can trust him 100%. That’s why you don’t just trust yourself. You go wild that they take advantage of you again and play with your feelings. The same thing always happens to you, and that’s why you don’t trust anyone. There are people who treat you very well, but you will never be able to trust them for fear of being betrayed.


Sagittarius, so many people have hurt you in the past that you hope the trend will continue. You are tired of living in constant betrayal, so you have decided to stop trusting others. You are going to focus on living your life and leaving everything bad behind because you don’t want to continue suffering. You are an independent person so you do not need anyone to move forward.


Capricorn, you don’t trust anyone because you prefer to put yourself in the worst before giving others the privilege of hurting you. You are quite a rational person and that is why you don’t share your life with just anyone. You know perfectly well that anyone in this world can play it for you and that’s why the only person you trust is yourself. Don’t let them take that confidence away from you.


Aquarius, you do not trust anyone because you are afraid of hurting yourself. You prefer to convince yourself that no one is worth it and follow your course by yourself. That of sharing your life with someone who you don’t know if he is going to betray you, you don’t like at all. You are a free and independent person so it is not very difficult for you to live your life alone, in fact, sometimes you prefer it. You don’t like to surround yourself with fake people.


Pisces, sometimes you don’t even trust yourself enough to trust others. You know that people in general are very unpredictable and that is why you prefer not to trust anyone, although it is true that later the cable crosses your mind and you give everything for the least indicated person. You are an emotional person who will always be guided by your heart, although you are very clear that this will lead you to encounter thousands of disappointments.

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