Why Was Rapper Hotboii Arrested? What Are The Charges And Current Status

This time, Rapper Hotboii has no chance of getting away from the criminal charges. Why was Rapper hotboii arrested? Know all the details about this American rapper who is making headlines for his involvement in racketeering conspiracies and other fraudulent activities.

Scroll down till the last to know about his early life, childhood, personal and professional life, music releases, charges against him, and the wealth accumulated from his career. 

Why was Rapper Hotboii arrested?

Why Was Rapper Hotboii Arrested


By the official sources, Rapper hotboii goes by the name of  Javarri Latre Walker and is a rapper by profession as his stage name suggests. He has released various singles and is famous for his breakout single “Don’t Need Time” which has managed to garner 75+ million viewers on streaming platforms. Unfortunately, he has his hands involved in illegal activities. 

According to the information provided by the Orange Country Sheriff Office situated in the city of Orlando, the rapper is a part of the 438 gang and has a feud with the opposing Army gang. The 22-year-old young artist is arrested  by police on the grave charges of racketeering and fraudulent conspiracies under the RICO Charges ( Racketeering influenced and other corrupt organizations Act) introduced in the Stated in the year 1970.

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Where is Hotboii Now?

Why was rapper hotboii arrested

The rapper announced on Instagram by posting a story that he will turn in himself to the police. He is now under police custody as he got arrested on the 12th of July 2021, Monday. This time- the Florida-based rapper wouldn’t be able to escape his wrongdoings. The Orange country army sheriff notified the reason for such an intense and sharp investigation was to mitigate the gang violence in the region. 

Reportedly, the Army gang and the Silver Star road gang has been at loggerheads which has led to 30 multiple shooting in the territory. Along with Rapper Hotboii, 34 other artists involved in racketeering have been detained- including the famous rapper 9lokkNine under the X-Force investigation. 

Early Life

why was rapper hotboii arrested

Walker was born on 13th June 2000 and is 22-year-old as of 2022. He kickstarted his music career in 2016 with the support of his mother. His passion for rapping sparked while he was in the Juvenile center under the charges of Burglary. From 2016-2018, he was living in a detention center and redeemed his career in 2018 by releasing the very first music video “Life of a Dog.” It was the beginning of his musical career and after that he started getting mainstream attention.

Net Worth of Rapper Hotboii

The Nobody Special singer has accumulated wealth worth $500,000 as of the latest in 2022. Most of his income and revenue comes from his album and product sales, music, and streaming platforms. 

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