Why did Laura Matamoros not go to Marta López Álamo’s birthday?

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Marta López Álamo, to settle all kinds of rumours, has given the explanation why Laura Matamoros did not attend her birthday party

Last Friday, Marta López Álamo experienced a very special night. Kiko Matamoros’s girlfriend celebrated her 25th birthday with a party set in the legendary James Bond saga. The model was lucky to be surrounded by the people who love her the most, and among them the children of Kiko Matamoros were not lacking. But not all were present. The absence of Anita Matamoros was expected considering the lack of relationship that she currently has with her father. But, What happened to Laura Matamoros? The ‘influencer’, while her brothers Diego, Irene and Lucía were at the birthday party, did not attend. This has raised all kinds of rumors about whether she and Marta have a bad relationship. Some comments to which Kiko Matamoros’s girlfriend has now responded.Marta López Álamo has wanted to settle all kinds of speculation with the naturalness that characterizes her. The model has attended an event and there she has been asked about the unknown of Laura Matamoros’ non-attendance at her birthday party. Kiko Matamoros’s girlfriend has made it very clear that they get along super well, and that the fact that Laura did not go is due to a more than justified reason. The influencer has told it so that everyone understands her great absence and there are no more controversial comments. If you want to hear the powerful reason why Laura did not go to the party… Press play and find out!Marta López Álamo has not been the only one who has spoken about it. Kiko Matamoros has also spoken of this issue involving his girlfriend and his daughter Laura. From the set of ‘Save me’, the collaborator has boasted about how well his girlfriend gets along with his children. And not only that. Kiko has revealed the message that her daughter sent to the model for her birthday: “First she congratulates him on his birthday. ‘I’m sorry I’m not going, I’m quite uncomfortable with my extra kilos.’ He spends some bad nights because the baby will give him a hard time. She is not in the mood to go out. ‘Let’s see if we make dinner or something'”.

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