Who was Jimmy Tarbuck and What was his Cause of Death and More

The English comedian singer and actor Jimmy Tarbuck passed away a few days back. The reason for his death is still unknown. There are contradicting reports about the cause of death. Some say it is cancer, and some claim it is a natural death, but the real reason for death is not known to anybody. In this article, we will find the real reason behind the death of Mr. Tarbuck or whether it is just a rumor. Read to know the details.

Who is Jimmy Tarbuck?

He is an English comedian, actor, singer, and game show host. Tarbuck is 80 years old, he has 2 children. Tarbuck is one such personality, who has zero haters. But in 2022, when he turned 80, his death reports surfaced on the internet. His fans got shocked that he was totally fine and suddenly he is dead. But the truth is far beyond people’s imagination. Jimmy Tarbuck was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he turned 80 in 2022. Further that he is also suffering from melanoma cancer diseases. But his friends and family claimed that he always had a smile on his face. Jimmy had fought cancer twice. Reports also said that he even dance, when he was coming out of the hospital.

Reason for Mr. Tarbuck’s death.

Jimmy Tarbuck is alive. Yes, you heard that right, the legendary comedian is alive. Mr. Tarbuck is alive and healthy according to reports he is living at his Liverpool house with his family. He died of cancer is a rumor and that he is suffering from cancer is also a rumor. All these rumors spread like a wildfire and people started to search whether Jimmy Tarbuck is dead. These rumors also trend on Twitter. It is a common rumor that a certain celebrity is dead. Some nonsense people made such rumors to gain some sort of popularity by spreading such fake and disgusting rumors about celebrities.

Jimmy Tarbuck

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Jimmy Tarbuck is having Prostate cancer.

In the Good Morning British sergeant show, Jimmy revealed to his fans that he is having prostate cancer. Not only this he also started an awareness program on the show. Jimmy Tarbuck requested his male audiences to get themselves check when they are 50 years old. Such a great initiative with Jimmy shows that he is so down to earth. It is heartbreaking that people spread such disgusting rumors about his death. The star is fine and living with family happily in Liverpool.

Jimmy Tarbuck

Mr. Tarbuck’s life and health updates.

Jimmy Tarbuck’s full name is James Joseph Tarbuck. He is born on 6 February 1940 and is 82 years old as of 2022. Jimmy Tarbuck OBE is an English comedian singer, actor, and game show host. Recently he recovered from a chronic illness. He is on medication for prostate cancer. With gods grace and his positive attitude, he survived both serious conditions. Mr. Tarbuck is a very optimistic person, he is a comedian and he always puts on a happy face. When he is coming out of the hospital he dances which shows how mentally strong and happy a person he is.

Jimmy Tarbuck

Jimmy Tarbuck used to host the Sunday Night at the London Palladium. He hosted many game shows in his career. His fans started to worry about his health when he revealed that he is having prostate cancer. Since then rumors of his death surfaced on the internet. All those rumors are fake and Jimmy Tarbuck is absolutely fine and healthy he is taking medicine for prostate cancer and doctors are positive that he will recover soon and fans are hoping for the same to happen. We request you do not believe any of such rumors about a celebrity’s death.

Jimmy Tarbuck


Q. Who is Jimmy Tarbuck?

Ans. He is an English comedian, singer-actor, and game show host.

Q. What was his cause of death?

Ans. He is still alive and living with his family in Liverpool.

Q. What is the age of Mr. Jimmy?

Ans. He is 82 years old as of 2022.

Q. Which type of cancer Mr. Tarbuck is having?

Ans. He is having prostate cancer.

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