Who Is Olivia Lagaly? Know About The Netflix’s New Reality Show Snowflake Mountain Cast

Olivia Lagaly can be seen among one of the ten young adults navigating their way in Netflixs new reality survival show Snowflake Mountain. By profession, Olivia is an entrepreneur based in Ohio, US. She was also the first person in the show to call it quits. 

The concept of the show is as such that a group of fortunate millennials have to go through the wilderness and survive under certain rugged conditions with little to no material resources. These youngsters have lost their way in life and are brought into the undergrowth of the forest to shelter themselves and learn to live a sustainable life.

The winner who accomplishes this and undergoes major transformation will be awarded with $50,000. Scroll down to know more about why Olivia couldn’t fend off herself even when the whooping prize money was at stake.

Who is Olivia Lagaly?

As mentioned before, Olivia Lagaly is an entrepreneur by profession. From her lifestyle, it can be easily predicted that surviving in the wilderness would be a tough row to hoe. The 27-year-old young woman even expressed that she envisions a life inspired from a Disney Princess where she finds a prince charming and lives happily ever after. However, she was 25 at the time of the shooting of Netflix’s reality game. Olivia completed her education and got a degree in Bachelors in Journalism and mass communication from the University of South Carolina. Immediately, she earned a job at Intuition Circle & Empaths+Sensitives- LLC for the position of community manager.

Her work experience extends to being a freelancer in Digital art. On top of that, Lagaly is also a host of the popular podcast series Saturday Night Liv. However, her parents were not contented with the lifestyle of their daughter. They wanted Olivia to be more enterprising and channelize her full capabilities. There was not even an ounce of hesitation among the parents when they sent her on this adventure through deceit. When the show host  Joel and Matt blew up the belongings of the contestants, Olivia was perturbed but tried to look past it and take up the challenge.

Unfortunately, it became difficult to handle things for her, and after the very first episode, she called it quits. Olivia bid a happy farewell to other members of Snowflake Mountain and went on to lead her life her own way.

Olivia Lagaly’s Parents were always of the opinion that their daughter always gives up on things that are out of her comfort zone. She has grown up in a city so nature was a peculiar territory for her.

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What is Olivia Lagaly Doing Now?

As per her LinkedIn profile, Olivia is serving as Client Relationship Manager at company YES SUPPLY INC. This earned this job back in the year 2020. Along with this, she is a freelance digital artist and even curates Saturday Night Podcasts. She has always preferred to live her life as per her terms keeping herself above which is an admirable quality. Living a life of comfort is not something to be ashamed of. 


Olivia Lagaly

The former contestant of Snowflake Mountain is dating Mike Cavanaugh. Her affection for her boyfriend is visible on her social media profile- @olivialagaly However, she has not posted pictures about her partner since 2020. In the above picture, the two love birds can be seen posing for a click in front of a picturesque lake. There is not much information available about Mike. We truly wish nothing but happiness to Olivia for choosing a good life for herself!

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