Who is Mattie Westbrouck Girlfriend? Know his Gender, Net Worth, Family & More

Mattie Westbrouck, a Tiktok celebrity as well as a social media influencer, is age 21. Mattie’s Tiktok videos consist mainly of humorous material and POVs. Mattie is engaged to Isabella Avila, another TikTok starlet.

Before publicly identifying herself as a transgender non-binary, Mattie Westbrouck was a girl.

Mattie Westbrouck’s Biography

Mattie Westbrook is a 21-year-old American actress born on the 3rd of September 2000. This September, the star will be celebrating her 22nd birthday. Her astrological signification is Virgo. Baron Vanhonsebrouck is Mattie’s father and Adriana Vanhonsebrouck is her mom. The actress also has two children one of whom is a younger sister called Hannah Westbrouck and an older brother named Nolan Westbrook.

Mattie Westbrouck

Hannah Mattie’s sister is also a Tiktok sensation. However, Nolan, her older brother Nolan is an animator, voice actor as well as a Creative Director. The educational background of Mattie however isn’t known.

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Mattie Westbrouck’s Gender?

As a young girl, Mattie was born to her parents, Baron and Adriana. Mattie however, began to doubt her gender by the age of 13 when she was a teenager. Then, a year later Mattie declared herself transgender non-binary when the now-popular internet star turned 14 years old. Mattie added that she does not have any preferred pronouns and is comfortable with being addressed as he/she as well as she/him or them.

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Nolan was the first person to inform Mattie’s parents of her sexuality. Her older brother Nolan found out that she was dating an ex-student from her Spanish classes, and promptly told her parents. Mattie’s family and parents have accepted her new identity and have been happy for her despite their initial doubts

Mattie Westbrouck’s Girlfriend?


Isabella Avila is Mattie Westbrouck’s girlfriend. The day before Valentine’s Day, the TikTok star posted pictures of the couple hugging and kissing one another. Mattie added a caption to the picture,
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“Fall in love with your best friend, and every day will feel effortless Happy V day, my love.”

Isabella Bella, also known as Bella the girlfriend of Mattie is a TikTok popular user with more than 17 million followers. Bella is, just like Mattie i 22-year-old STEM graduate, who is also an influencer on social media.

Mattie Westbrouck Net Worth

Mattie Westbrouck’s net worth is $250,000 (estimated). Their main source of income is through sponsorships. They make use of different social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok to search for sponsors. Below, you will find the estimated earnings of every source.

Tiktok The platform is home to popular influencers on the platform with more than Six million fans. Because of their popularity, companies are willing to pay for a specific post to promote their brand. They can achieve an average of 3.3%. Therefore, the estimated amount that they earn from a sponsored post ranges from $3,481 to $5,801.


Mattie began their career on Tiktok by registering an account with the name Westbrook. They began by posting funny and POV videos on the application. The videos started to experience an increase in views and eventually became viral, allowing them to grow their following to millions. At present, they have 5.8 million followers, and more than 225 million likes.

Mattie Westbrouck Identifies With Non-Binary Gender And Is Dating OnlyJayus

After a few months, they decided to create the company’s own YouTube channel back in the tune of 2020. The channel lets them upload random videos mostly Vlogs. But, they’re inactive on YouTube and haven’t published videos for about an entire year. Their channel currently stands at 28k subscribers and 150k total views.

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