Who is Lise Lafleur Guy Lafleur’s Wife? Bio, Career, Net Worth And More

Guy Lafleur was a history-maker! He was an Ice-Hockey player who was famously known as a Montreal Canadian legend. Lise Lafleur was her wife and a constant support system to him. Read the article to know more about their blissful married life, children, net worth, and more.

Guy Lafleur in his illustrious professional Ice-Hockey career, won various accolades. He truly set the bar high for other players. As in records, he did 50 goals in 6 consecutive seasons with a bonus of 100 points in 6 seasons in a row. He was the first person in National Hockey league records to achieve this feat.


Ice-Hockey Player Guy Lafleur left the world and his unwavering legacy on 22nd April 2022. This was confirmed by his wife Lise Lafleur through a Facebook post announcement. The legend had the nickname “the flower” and was born on 20th September 1951. Born and brought up in Thurso Quebec. Since childhood, he had an interest in Ice-hockey and started playing from the tender age of 5. He has an endearing story behind it as well. He began playing hockey after getting a hockey stick as a gift on Christmas.

In the early days of his career, he played at a regional hockey competition called “Quebec International Pee-Wee” for 3 years in a row from 1962-1964 and scored points as high as 64! Unfortunately, At the age of 70, he passed away after battling lung cancer.

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Who is Lise Lafleur?

Lise Lafleur is the dear wife of hockey legend Guy Lafleur. Their love story was one of admiration and full of love. Both tied knots back in 1973, when Guy was just a struggling and hustling Hockey player whereas Lise was a college second-year student. Later in the 1960s, Guy and Lise were blessed with two healthy and beautiful children named-Martin Lafleur and Mark Lafleur. Lise was a wonderful spouse to Guy and both were together through thick and thin. They started various creative businesses together too. They had a healthy relationship.

The unfortunate demise of Guy had caused a huge void in the lives of everyone associated with him.

Lise Lafleur Bio

Lise Lafleur


Lise Lafleur was a public figure because of being a spouse of a famous Ice-Hockey player yet not much information is available about her. She was born in early the 1960s and might be in her late 50s or early 60s. Her exact age is not known. Prior to her married life, there is not much information available about her single life. No sources are available to find out about her net worth as well. However, as per our insider information, it might be around $1-$2 Million.

Guy-Lisa Lafleur Children

The couple has two sons as mentioned before- Mark and Martin Lafleur. For the most part, they were happy parents but later got affected because of Mark’s involvement in wrongdoings. Mark was found consuming narcotic drugs, Moreover, he was accused of stealing, assault, uttering threats, and breaching his probation. This hurt Guy and Lise. 

Guy Lafleur- Cause Of Death

Lise Lafleur

The receiver of Five Stanley cups Guy Lafleur was truly a Hockey Legend and has left behind a great legacy. Unfortunately, death is inevitable. He was suffering from Lung cancer and had other grave health-related issues. He recently had open heart surgery and got removed a cancerous lobe and various other treatments. After a continuous and daunting battle, he went to the grave on 22 April 2022. The news was informed to fans and media by wife Lise Lafleur through an emotional social media post.

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