Who Is Jaime Osuna & Where Is Jaime Osuna Today? Everything you need to know

Netflix’s Mindhunter is one such example of a series that gives us deeper look into the mind of infamous killers. In 2019 a man name Jaime Osuna was arrested for murder. He is still one of the most famous killers in history for being a sadist and a Satanist killer. Read to know more about this infamous killer. People are very fascinated by serial killers and Satanist murderers. The famous director always makes movies and series based on infamous criminals and serial killers.

Who is Jaime Osuna?

Jaime Osuna is a 35-year-old killer, who was convicted in 2011 for killing Yvette Pena. He is one of the most infamous killers in modern history. People often call him a sadist and a Satanist. In 2011, a motel called the police and told them there is a dismembered body of a female is found in the room. Police were shocked to see the dead body of Yvette Pena. Five days later police arrested the Osuna for the first-degree murder of Yvette Pena. The murder trial continued for 6 years. In 2017 he pleaded guilty to the murder and was sent to county jail. He said that after the punishment he felt, relief.

Osuna Prison life.

In 2019, Jaime Osuna murders his cellmate in a very horrifying manner. He removed one of the eyeballs, cut off the finger, and bit one of the lungs. When the jail staff went to his cell, they got frightened to see that Jaime Osuna was wearing a necklace made of the body parts of his cellmate Romero. Most shockingly, he pleads not guilty to the murder. Doctors said that he suffering from schizophrenia, and borderline and antisocial personality disorders. Doctors said that he is not fit to stand a trial. But, in 2021 he becomes normal. and his trail started again. The latest transpired from his trial on 22 July is not made public yet.

Who Is Jaime Osuna & Where Is Jaime Osuna Today

Osuna Joker Tattoo on his forehead.

Jaime Osuna got his entire face inked. So, it is almost impossible to ecognize him. On his forehead, there is a pentagram tattoo which is often associated with satanist cults. He also got a Joker smirk face tattoo on his forehead.

Who Is Jaime Osuna & Where Is Jaime Osuna Today

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Q. Who is Jaime Osuna?

Ans. He is a 35-year-old serial killer.

Q. Where is he now?

Ans. He is in jail. Link to his trial hearing.

Q.  What is Jaime Osuna Necklace story?

Ans. Jaime Osuna killed his cellmate and made a necklace from his body parts.

Q. From what diseases he is suffering?

Ans. He is suffering from schizophrenia and borderline and antisocial personality disorders.

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