Who Is Giulia Coppini? Giovanni Simeone Wife Age Gap Might Surprise You

Giovanni Simeone is an Argentine football player born on the 5th of July 1995 in Buenos Aires. He’s aged 27.

The player is Argentine and Spanish However, he only is a part of Argentina in international tournaments. It is an attacking player with Serie A club Napoli, however, he is a player with Hellas Verona on loan.

Simeone has a son named Diego Simeone, a football manager, and former player along with Carolina Baldini, his ex-wife. Diego used to play as a midfielder with Velez Sarsfield, Sevilla, Pisa, Atletico Madrid, Lazio, Inter Milan, and Racing Club, among other teams.

Giovanni has two other brothers that also play soccer. Giuliano Simeone, and Gianluca Simeone are players with the clubs Zaragoza as well as Xerez Deportivo, respectively. Additionally, his father has two half-sisters: Francesca and Valentina along, and Carla Pereyra, who is now his wife.

                                        Giovanni Simeone

Giovanni Simeone Has A Stunning Wife

Giovanni Simeone is no longer single since the beautiful couple he shares with his partner, Giulia Coppini, has committed to being together for the rest of their lives. They’ve been together for more than five years.

The couple had a three-year relationship before they made the next move in their relationship, and became a couple. They also look gorgeous together, as if they were meant to be together. We hope they find happiness and love throughout their lives.

Gio Simeone's open wound

Every year, on the 14th of February, Giovanni and Giulia celebrate the time they’ve spent together. On the day of Valentine’s Day 2018, Giovanni requested Giulia to become his girlfriend. Similar to this they mark their wedding anniversary each year on May 26.

On their social networks, Giovanni Simeone and Coppini also discuss how fortunate and fortunate they are to be a part of each other’s lives. They keep their family and friends up-to current about their lives.

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Who Is Giulia Coppini, 29?

Giulia is a gorgeous Italian model, who’s 29 years old. Se has 47,600 followers verified on Instagram. Instagram account.

She began modeling as a child and has since become a TV host also. According to sources she hosts a sporting broadcast on Italthe on Free-to-Air TV channel RAI 2.

The model also participates in classes in theater and singing because she is a fan of movies and music and could be interested in working in the entertainment field. She workouts regularly and has even attempted pole dancing.

Who Is Giulia Coppini, Giovanni Simeone Wife? Check Wiki Biography Age Instagram - Panafric Reporters

She also took home Mis, Miss Gambissima Toscana,2013, and began working for Quelli Che il Calcio as a reporter in the year 2016. According to an Italian page on the Facebook page, Coppini hasn’t spoken much about her life, however not a lot of information is available online.

She’s still revealed her thoughts on how she lives her life through posting 494 attachments to the social networks she uses. Fashionista Giulia Coppini is known as @giuliacoppini and makes use of this platform for sharing her experiences with her followers.

Age Difference Between Giovanni Simeone And His Wife

Giovanni Simeone, as well as his spouse, are separated by 38 months Simeone is, therefore, younger than her. Both the athlete and his companion were born in the year 1995.

Giovanni Simeone has been in the business for 27 years. Every 5th July of the Italians raises a glass to commemorate another day in the sun. It is his zodiac sign Cancer and is the fourth zodiac sign. the Zodiac.

Giovanni Simeone

Giulia is also 29 years old. older, and each year, on September 30th, she highlights candles to mark her birthday. She’ll be 30 in the next couple of weeks. In addition, according to the astrological system, she is 7th the Libra sign, as represented through the justice scales.


The couple sends their best wishes to each other on special occasions to make each other feel appreciated and to let them know that they’ll be there for one another. They spend time together on their birthdays, however, Sim, one, and his partner were away for his birthday which meant they probably didn’t do much to celebrate his birthday.

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Giovanni Simeone Wedding Photos Are Priceless

Giovanni Simeone was a bridesmaid twice for the three of his life. The first time was May 2021 when there was an epidemic. The couple got wedded ing at Ginza, Spain, in front of a small crowd of friends and family.

The following month, in 022 In a beautiful celebration in Finance, Italy, they said they would be together for the rest of the offer days. They were married in the San Salvatore Church and then held a private celebration in Mezzomonte Villa. Mezzomonte Villa.

The couple posted beautiful pictures from their wedding on social media sites to ensure that their friends and followers could take pleasure in the photos. Additionally, the os as, as well as videos, be found on the web. Giulia has also shared images of the engagement ceremony and of her wearing the wedding ring. Edinaanessa Ahmic: Dejan Kulusevski Girlfriend Is Also A Footballer.

How Much Will Giovanni Simeone Make in 2022?

Simone hasn’t stated what he earns as a footballer from Agertine However, his net worth estimates range between $3 million to $9 million.

In line with Hellas Verona, the football player is stria ker at Serie A team Napoli. The club joined Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli on August 18, 2022 SCO, ring his debut goal during the Champions League on September 7 2022 in a 1a win against Liverpool.

On 28 August 2021 Gio, Vanni was signed by Hellas Verona on loan for one season. On the 17th of June in 2022 the club signed a contract that was a permanent one and will be in place until 2026. They haven’t stated how much his deal is worth but.

Apart from River Plate, he has also been a player at Banfield (on loans), Genoa, Fiorentina, and, Cagliari. He signed with ItthThelian club Genoa on 18 August 2016 and was paid EUR3 million, which means the club could earn EUR5 million by the time he is writing this.

Furthermore, the athlete is a player for Argentina at an international level and we can presume that the athlete earns a lot of cash and saved lots of cash. He has also signed agreements in conjunction with Nike or Adidas to serve as their spokesperson.

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Meet Giovanni Simeone On Instagram

Giovanni Simeone owns an official Instagram account under the name @simeonegiovanni. He uses it to keep in touch with his followers.

The athlete reveals to his fans what he does, tells them about his sporting events and achievements, and also share photos of his most memorable moments with his fans.

Simeone has shared 592 hyperlinks on social media and 518 people follow him to keep track of where he’s been. Simeone has also made himself famous on Twitter under the username @simeonegiovanni.

Who Is She?Age Gap of Giovanni Simeone Wife will Surprise You

He began using Twitter in the ber 2010 and has since posted 323 images and videos. In addition, as 9oneof September 2022, He has tweeted 3,600 times and has 213,400 followers.

The At thinning of the year

Giovanni Simeone is the son of Diego Simeone, who used to play for Argentina as well as Carolina Baldini. Simeone was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when his father was playing with Atletico Madrid.

His family relocated to Italy in 1997, however in 2003, after his father switched clubs to further his professional career, they relocated again to Spain. A few years later the family moved to Argentina. After his father was appointed as coach in the inaugural team of 2008 He joined the River Plate’s youth team. Gianluca and Giuliano the younger brothers of his both play football.

Club life

After playing for the club’s junior team, Simeone signed a three-year contract as a professional in November of 2011. He was summoned into the primary squad to play in the preseason. On August 4 of 2013 Sim, one played his first league game with a 1-0 defeat in the game against Gimnasia La Plata. Simeone was the first player to start and played throughout the game. The following month Simeone signed a contract extension that was to run until the year 2016. On the 8th of September, Simeone scored his first goal in a professional match. Simeone scored his 2nd goal during a 3-0 win at home against Tigre.

Banfield was able to get a loan

On the 6th of July in 2015, Simeone signed a loan agreement with Banfield the Argentine team that plays in the Primera Division. On his first match, July  12 in 2015, when they played Quilmes Simeone made the crucial goal in that match.


Simeone was signed by Genoa’s Italian club Genoa on the 18th of August 2016, with a price of EUR3 million. On September 25 the 25th of September, 2016 Simeone made his debut with Genoa with his very first strike in the draw against Pescara. On the 27th of November, Simeone scored twice as Genoa defeated Serie A leader Juventus 3-1 and moved to Seco the nd position.


There was speculation of Atletico Madrid wanted to sign Giovanni, a young player, to ensure that his father, Diego Simeone, could coach Diego Simeone. But on August 16 17th, 2017, Giovanni was signed by Serie A club Fiorentina for an undetermined amount. Simeone scored his first hat-trick on the 29th of April of 2018 at the time that Fiorentina defeated Napoli 3-1 during the league.


Giovanni Simeone was loaned for Cagliari through Fiorentina on the 30th of August 2019 for a year. Then, at the end of this year Cag, liars require ired to purchase Simeone. On September 1, Simeone took part in his first game and lost in a match against Inter Milan by a score of 2 – 1. On the 15th of September, Simeone made his debut goal during a win of 3-1 against Parma. After a slow beginning to the season, Simeone scored four goals in a row game losing his return to the field after being released from COVID-19’s lockdown. He finished the year by scoring 12 goals.

Simeone recorded two goals during a 3-2 victory against Torino in the next season. Simeone finished the season 2020-21 scoring six times.

Hellas Verona

Giovanni Simeone was signed by Serie A team Hellas Verona on the 26th of August 2021. He signed the loan for one year, with the option of making it permanent. Simeone has ed four times in Hellas Verona’s 4-1 victory against Lazio on October 24. This was his second hat-trick for the club in Serie A, and both of them were against teams under the direction of Maurizio Sarri. Simeone had two strikes against Juventus on the 30th of October and Verona defeated Juventus 1-1. It was the only time Simeone scored two goals.

On the 17th of June in 2022 the player signed a contract for an agreement for a long-term contract in 2 with Hellas Verona that would last until 2026.

Help for Napoli

Giovanni Simeone was signed by Napoli on 18 August 2022 for one season of loan, with the option of buying. On September 7 Giovanni Simeone scored his first strike during the Champions League in a 4-1 victory against Liverpool. He was emotional and celebrated by kissing the Champions League tattoo he got when the age of 1

A job in the international market

Giovanni Simeone is simultaneously Argentine and Spanish Simeone is both Argentine and ish, however, he, is a player for Argentina across the globe. Simeone was a player for Argentina at the age of 20 years old. In his participation in the 2015 South American Youth Football Championship Giovanni Simeone scored the highest number of goals and contributed to Argentina achieving the fifth win during the tournament.

Giovanni Simeone was the first player to score a goal for Argentina on the 8th of September 2018 in the 3-0 friendly victory over Guatemala at Lin Angeles. In November of 2018 the, team he was on was the team that crowned the Adidas Cup against Mexico.


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