Who is Dan Buckley? All About Wendy Rieger New Husband, and Cause of Death

In this article, we will tell you about Dan Buckley, Wendy Rieger new husband, his profession, age, the actual cause of death of Wendy Rieger, and more. 

Wendy Rieger was one such personality who was a well-known face in the Television and Journalism industry. After the unfortunate news of her death, netizens started searching for her life more. She was truly a person who carved a unique space for herself in the field of Journalism.

Who was Wendy Rieger?

Commonly known for being a longtime NBC anchor, Wendy Rieger was an eminent American Journalist and highly respected within the field. She was a senior in the department with illustrious work experience. Some of the highlights of her career was receiving Emmy Award for her research report on the disastrous Vietnam war. She received an award from Washington magazine as well. 

Born and brought up in Norfolk, Virginia, Wendy completed her education in Journalism at American University. Back in her struggle days, her first job was for a radio station as a Newsreader. Over the years, she gained experience and become an experienced professional in the field. Did you Know? Before starting her journalism career, she worked as an actress as well. 

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Cause of Death

Who is Dan Buckley? All About Wendy Rieger New Husband, and Cause of Death
Source- CNBC

On 15th April 2022, the unfortunate news came that she is no more. According to the reports, Wendy was battling brain cancer, and a few months before her death, she underwent brain surgery. The main purpose of the surgery was to remove the tumor. Moreover, Rieger also had open-heart surgery.

Wendy Rieger new husband, Dan Buckley was her constant support system amidst the precarious condition of Wendy’s health. We came to know that Wendy took her last breath holding Dan Buckley’s hand.

Know Dan Buckley, Wendy Rieger New Husband

Who is Dan Buckley? All About Wendy Rieger New Husband, and Cause of Death

Although Wendy kept her personal life a secret, the news is coming that she was married to a Photographer named Dan Buckley. He was a photo journalist and worked for the same station as Wendy for 10 years. Both Wendy and Dan Buckley devoted three decades of their life working at NBC. Wendy’s first husband was Sol Levine but she later got separated. 

Wendy Rieger new husband Dan Buckley and she had a happy marriage. Dan filed for a divorce with his former partner and then started dating Wendy. In November 2021, both tied the knots and lived happily. However, Good times didn’t last long. Wendy’s health started deteriorating. She left the world in the arms of her husband. Dan Buckley shared his grief on Instagram with a post of a quote by literary prodigy and poet Rabindranath Tagore

“Death is not extinguishing the light, it is only putting out the lamp because dawn has come.”

Wendy Rieger made an indelible mark on this world!


Dan buckley

Q- Who was Wendy Rieger?

A- She was a Journalist working at NBC.

Q- How old Wendy Rieger was?

A- She was 66 years old.

Q- Who was Dan Buckley?

A- He was a photojournalist and Wendy’s husband.

Q- What was the cause of death of Wendy?

A- She was battling brain cancer but later died.

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