Who Is Chalito Araujo: The Notorious Story Of The Terror Of Culiacan Artist

Chalito Araujo — Known as the Terror of the Culiacan had a notorious life story that made him a man everyone dreaded. He was infamous for carrying guns, weapons, and firearms with him all the time. People around him described him as a carefree, naughty man, full of youth who had no fear about the day of judgment.

Read the article to know about this man who was also involved in working for the Drug mafia bosses of Mexico. A documentary about the same is also available on Apple Podcast

Who Was Chalito Araujo?

Chalito Araujo was born on 29th July in the capital city of Culiacan. This city is the capital of the Mexican state of Sinaloa. The city is in itself ill-famed for illegal occupations, drug cartels, and regarded as unsafe for visit. Since Childhood, he harbored a great interest in corridors and started visiting Gunfire tournaments and games with his friends. From then, his inclination towards guns started developing which later became serious and he started carrying firearms with himself.

As a matter of fact, Araujo was widely loved by his peers. His aunt Giselle described him as a naughty, contented, youthful, and confused man. Moreover, he enjoyed selling bread in the colony to the people. Through this, he accumulated money for himself and his colony. Giselle also told that Chalito liked delivering goods to his other aunt. Despite all this, he was popular among his buddies who admired him for who he was. But the good days didn’t last long. 

In the year 2006, October— he became an orphan as he lost his father. Chalito’s father committed suicide in his home situated in the Infonavit Humaya area of Sinaloa’s capital city. As this was not enough, in August 2008, his brother was murdered and abandoned with another person, 100 meters away from the government office building located in Guadalupe district near the central part of Culiacan city.

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How He Became The Terror Of Culiacan?

Chalito Araujo

At the age of 18 after enduring some of the most life-altering circumstances, he turned to weapons and arms for companionship. His aunt Giselle said in an interview— Chalito Araujo had no other choice as things came up in life. She also disclosed that his proclivity toward arms may have developed because Araujo’s father was armed that is what caught his attention. From then, he could always be found with firearms and had no fear of dying or getting photographed with it. Later, he got the  sobriquet of The Terror of Culiacan

Gradually, he also started working for the Mexican Drug Cartel and an organized crime syndicate organization — Beltran Leyva group. There is also a documentary made that follows the same story available on the platform Apple Podcast. Since he was involved in the most dangerous business, Chalito always carried AR-15. This weapon had the ability to dump hundreds of innocent people. He operated and led a group of assassins and criminals and obeyed his superior’s orders. He got the order to become a private guard for Arturo Beltran Leyva also known as El Barbas. He immediately accepted the opportunity and was ready to be promoted to the dependable shooter’s circle, an important part of the El Barbas.

How Chalito Araujo Died?

Chalito Araujo

Various Operations have been undertaken by the Mexican Police force to catch these criminals behind the Drug trafficking. One such operation was carried out to arrest Araujo’s Boss Arturo Beltran. To successfully execute this operation, Mexican police reached the site located in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Drug Cartels had to be mitigated or else they will destroy the future of the country. As a result, a gunfight transpired between the two opposing sides which led to the immediate on-site death of Chalito Araujo and his boss El Botas Blancas.

Araujo, in his last moments of life, fell from the second-story window and took the bullet in his abdomen and chest. A total of three bullets were fired on him by marine officers.

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