Who is AMANDA ALDRIDGE? Bio and Why Google Doodle pays tributes to Amanda Aldridge.

One of the distinctive features of the Google search engine is its Doodle feature. Google Doodle is a fun feature which changes the google logo according to the special reasons. Like Birth anniversary of a famous personality or if a date holds a significant importance in the world. Like Christmas, Diwali, birth anniversary of Gandhi ji and many other occasions.

Sometimes google doodle also pays tribute to many known and unknown personalities. Today’s Google Doodle is also about one such unknown personality, Amanda Aldridge. Read to know Who is Amanda Aldridge and Why does Google pay tribute to her?


Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge. She was also known as Amanda Ira Aldridge. She was born on 10 March 1866 in London. She was Opera singer , composer and teacher. She composed many songs, Sambhas and love songs. Her pseudonym name was Montague Ring. Her mother was also an opera singer and her father was a stage actor. She learned music from London’s Royal College of Music.

 Who is Amanda Aldridge? Bio and Why Google Doodle pays tributes to Amanda Aldridge.


After learning music she started her own career but soon she got hit by a tragedy. Her throat got damaged. After the injury she became a music teacher and started teaching music. She taught many great musicians like Paul Robeason american actor and Marian Anderson, the first African American to sing at the Metropolitan Opera.


Amanda was also famous for her work in the “Parlour Music”. She was famous for the song Azela. She liked to bring lyrics of black poetry into her songs. Amanda appeared in the British television show Music For You. She died one day before her 90th birthday


Google Doodle chose today to pay tribute to her because on June 17, 1911, she played a recital at the Queen’s Small Hall in London. Google  used her photos when she was young at her prime.

Description: Google Doodle pays tribute to Amanda Aldridge.Who is Amanda Alridge and Why does Google pay tribute to her?

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