Khloe Kardashian and Tristan

Where Tristan Thompson And Khloe Kardashian Stand as They’re Expecting Baby No.2

Just after Khloe Kardashian-Tristan Thompson’s Second baby announcement, netizens started becoming moral police by bashing Khloe for having a child with the ‘Cheater Tristan’ even after so many scandals and betrayals. Jokes, Memes, and Sarcastic tweets are acting as floodgates for starting a conversation about how foolish she is. 

So where does the Khloe-Tristan relationship stand now? Has she forgiven him for all his wrong deeds?

Second Child Via Surrogacy

Khloe and Tristan

Recently, the big announcement was made by Kardashians Rep that the Former couple is expecting their second child together via surrogacy. A clarification is also issued that the child was conceived in November last year before the Tristan’s Paternity Lawsuit scandal. Hence, this slightly indicates that Khloe has always been clueless about Tristan’s infidelity or maybe even after knowing, she is forgiving him for her daughter’s sake!

What events brought an end to their relationship?

In April 2018, the series of Tristan cheating on Khloe thread started. He was found making out with another girl to which Kim Kardashian too reacted with animosity. Then, in  2019, he admitted to kissing, Jordyn Woods, best friend of Kylie Jenner. This was the last thread of their relationship and both parted ways afterward.

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No Romance for Khloe

Khloe and Tristan

For now, Khloe seems to be done with Tristan and has accepted the fact that he is not the guy for her. She openly talked about it in a recent interview and admitted that Tristan is a great guy and a great dad but not the guy for her. Hence, all romantic ties are cut between the two.

Co-parenting True

Khloe and Tristan

The only plausible relationship that seems to be left between the two is of co-parenting their first child True together without letting that affect their baby girl. Now since Khloe-Tristan is about to welcome their second child together, it is more likely that their interaction will increase.

Giving True a Sibling!

Kardashian had always expressed her desire to give True a sibling. She had been planning it since the Pandemic. In the show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, She has been vocal about how important siblings are in life. Having Family members to lean on in hard times is a blessing. The Good American founder said, “I do want more kids.” Insider sources reveal that the celebrity model had no clue of Tristan’s Paternal scandal, she was a bystander, when it all came to light in December last year.

It seems Tristan is nothing but the Dad of her kids!

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