Ballantine Moxxi

Where to buy the Ballantine’s Moxxi drink, Who is Mad Moxxi in Borderlands?

It is very common for totally different companies to collaborate and give their respective fans a treat. Like many gaming, companies collaborate with movies, anime, and series. Even food and drinks outlets collaborate. Last year food giant McDonald’s partnered with the South Korean band BTS and launched a BTS theme of happy meals. Now, world famous whiskey brand Ballantine has partnered with the game Borderlands and launched borderlands character-based bottle name Ballantine Moxxi. It is a limited edition bottle. Read to know where you can buy Ballantine Moxxi Bottle.

What is Ballantine’s Moxxi?

It is a limited edition bottle of whiskey based on the character Mad Moxxi from the famous shooting game Borderlands. Well, no worries if you don’t drink, but if you buy this limited edition of the Mad Moxxi drink you will get 4 unique-redeemable heads that can be used in the game.

Ballantine Moxxi

Who is Mad Moxxi in Borderlands?

Borderlands fans know that in the game Mad Moxxi is a bar owner. No, doubt why Ballantine chooses her to be the face of their promotional campaign. Ballantine also named Mad Moxxi as their chief Galactic expansion officer.

Ballantine Moxxi

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From Where you can buy Ballantine Moxxi?

Ballantine Moxxi limited edition bottle is currently out of stock. You can buy this from the website Drinks & Co and The Whiskey Exchange. The first stock of the bottle was sold out within an hour. And there is no confirmation when it will be restocked but customers can sign up to a mailing list on both sites to get notification of the restock.

Ballantine Moxxi


Q. What is Ballantine Moxxi drink?

Ans. It is a limited edition whiskey bottle based on the game borderlands.

Q. What is the alcohol percentage in Ballantine Whiskey?

Ans. Ballantine Moxxi alcohol percentage is 43%.

Ballantine Moxxi

Q. What is the price of Ballantine Whiskey?

Ans. Ballantine’s price is $17.99


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