After a somewhat quiet April, May arrives with a frenetic pace and great events. In May, Mercury starts in retrograde on the 10th and lasts until June 3rd. It will be a healing and reflection process for all signs. On the 16th there is a lunar eclipse of the Full Moon in Scorpio and this phenomenon is going to bring very strong and very positive changes for most signs. In short, May is full of emotion and action and you have to be prepared for whatever comes. If you want to know what you have to do to start May on the right footkeep reading:


You have to let go in order to fly freely. There is something that you cling to strongly, Aries, something that does not let you move forward on your path. “That something” has to get out of your life, so you can welcome other things. You have to make room for the positive to have a place in your life. But beware, not everything will be easy, you know, the challenges are just around the corner. You are going to have to be more stubborn than ever with your purposes, because if you insist, you will achieve it….


May is a good month to prioritize. You have to strike a balance between your personal life and your work life. You should find a new system that helps you have more stability in some matters and you know it. There are relationships that have to leave your life, but don’t rush, the decision you make from now on will have to be very thoughtful. You feel different, your season is showing you that you can get out of your comfort zone and you don’t have to be afraid.


You should make an effort to carve out a little more time for yourself. You have to find a day (or two, if you can) to meditate, reflect and talk to yourself. Solitude is good when you appreciate its magic and you need a little time alone. In May you will discover that the key to success is quality and not speed. It’s no use going too fast with your tasks if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing. You have to cheer up Gemini, listen to yourself and pamper yourself…


You should pay close attention to the fine print of various issues that you are going to face. Do not trust the first thing they tell you, and even better if your intuition warns you of something strange. In May you are going to debut in your field, you like to do your job very well and that action has to be rewarded. Do not accept less than you deserve, it is mandatory that we demand justice from time to time Cancer. And another thing, if you are going to be the center of attention, enjoy the process a lot, because you deserve to shine like never before.


You want to explore and you know it. In May you should experiment outside your work field, to check if you are in the right place or not. You have a lot of potential that should not be wasted, so if you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge elsewhere, do it. Now, you have to choose the path that inspires you the most security. Activate your feline sense of smell and take the initiative, without letting yourself be carried away by the opinion of the people who love you. His advice is valid, but his demands are not…


May is a good month to open your mind and your heart. You decide how and how far to open those doors, but you have to keep an open mind during this month. There are some ways of thinking that you have that in a way anchor you to your past, and that is not healthy for you. If you make an effort to free yourself from a certain bond that does not allow you to advance normally, you will have the opportunity to live true adventures. Virgo, your wisdom is very good, do not be afraid of the unknown…


You should listen to yourself better and stop paying so much attention to other people’s dramas. A month ago you were very ON FIRE with your mission of self-love, but time passes and your strength decreases and that cannot be the case. In May you can’t afford that, Libra, you have to focus on your interests and on the future, on your plans and on what you want to do from now on. Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t become your own worst enemy, Libra, move your ass and start doing things for yourself…


You have to check how far you are willing to go for love, you have to do it if you want to make a final decision. In May you will have to show a lot of patience, so as not to send everything to hell. You can’t throw away all the good things you have overboard because of a hot flash, don’t get carried away by anger in May. Do you receive the same or something similar to what you give from that person you are thinking about now? The answer to this question is very important.


You have to reorganize your life a bit, you can’t have a hectic pace all the time because your mind and body have to rest. Do not hide that tiredness that you have and do not silence those pains that you feel when you are all day without stopping. Listen to your body, Sagittarius, if it asks you for a few days of relaxation and tranquility, do it and rest. Don’t get obsessed with all the things you want to do and with all the plans you have in mind, in May you will be tested, so get organized…


You have to take control of a situation that worries you and you know it. You can’t let them play with your heart and feelings, not anymore. Be firm in your decisions and don’t keep quiet about what you think or feel. If you feel that there is a person who has played with you, make him pay and not go away scot-free, because no one laughs at you. In May you are going to learn a great lesson, Capricorn, and everything will change for the better, because the truth of a matter will come to light during this month…


Something very big is in process and you have to be very ON FIRE. In May you have to improve communication if you want to get the things you have in mind. You could also work hard so that your displays of affection are not so dry. You are going to have the opportunity to connect with a very strong project, something that you love, so the ideal thing would be for you to show your most loving and creative part. Show your best version, Aquarius, forget about all those silly fears that don’t leave you alone…


You have to think about the great reward you are going to get. You should get your hopes up strong and think about all the good things that are going to come into your life. You are going through very tense moments in your life, it is obvious that you cannot relax as you would like, but sometimes you have to accept what is there and not think too much about it. In May you have to believe in yourself and express many positive thoughts and affirmations. If you only ask for good things, in the end you will end up arriving, you’ll see…

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