What is the march of the ‘Immortal Regiment’ in which Putin has participated with a photo of his father

Every May 9 in Russia commemorates his victory over the Nazi army

It had been two years since the march had been held in person due to the pandemic

President Putin’s father fought in World War II

Despite the bad weather, and after two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, this May 9 has been celebrated again in Moscow the so-called March of the Immortal Regiment where the victory of the German army in World War II is celebrated. And, among the thousands of people who have paraded was also Russian President Vladimir Putin.
carrying a portrait of his father (combatant in the Second World War), and from the Red Square in Moscow, Vladimir Putin has joined this traditional tribute march that is celebrated in different Russian cities. Surrounded by people and without stopping to say hello, Putin’s participation It has been quite an event despite the fact that it was notat the first time.
This is the sixth time he has participated. (The two previous years, 2020, 2021, were held in digital mode to avoid contagion). The father of the Russian president, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, was seriously injured in the fight but managed to survive.

A massive tribute

The march is held annually on the occasion ofthe anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany on a route that stretches over seven kilometers.
An image of Putin at the march.niusdiario.esParticipants in the action wear tricolor flags of the Russian Federation, in addition to red flags such as the one that was raised over the German Reichstag and others with the black and orange bow of Saint George, a military symbol in Russia. The first to organizeor it was in Tomsk, in 2012, summoning about five thousand people and little by little it spread to more Russian cities. As Putin has done, those who participate carry a portrait of a relative who was a combatant in World War II.

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