What Happened To Tony Dow Ex-Wife Carol Marlow? and More

The late actor and director Tony Dow passed away on 27 July 2022. His Ex-Wife Carol Marlow has avoided media attention since, her divorce from Tony Dow. It is even shocking that she didn’t come forward after the death of her ex-husband Tony Dow. Her name is trending on google because of this reason. Some speculate that she is dead, and some claim that she is missing. There are lots of contradicting reports from various sources. Read to know about where she is now and How did Tony Dow die.

Who is Carol Marlow?

Carol Marlow is the ex-wife of Tony Dow. They tied the knot in June 1969.  The couple remained together till 1980 and in the same year, they filed for divorce. Tony and Carol have a son, born in 1973 and they named him Christopher. Actor Tony Dow in an interview talked about his past and present relationships. After that, both Tony and Carol stopped talking about their private lives.

After Carol’s divorce, she avoided media attention, and since, then not much information is available about her personal and professional life. According to some reports, she got married to someone else and have a child. According to a few reports, she is dead. But we are sure that she is alive and living happily with her family. There are high chances that she will come forward once the news of her ex-husband’s death will reach her.

Carol Marlow

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Where is Carol Marlow?

As of now, there is no solid information is available about her whereabouts. She avoided media after her divorce from Tony Dow. So, saying where she is bit difficult. But according to our reliable sources, she is alive and living happily with her family, where she is living is still a mystery. But we assure once, we get any update about her whereabouts we will update our website. It is also worth noticing that there is not much information available in the public domain about Carol. The only available information is that she is Tony Dow’s Ex-Wife.

Carol Marlow

How Tony Dow dies?

Tony Dow was an American actor, director, and sculptor. He was well known for his performance as Wally Cleaver in the TV show “Leave It To Beaver.” He was born on 13 April 1945. He died at the age of 77. He died on 27 July 2022. Last month many big media houses claimed that he was diagnosed with cancer. Her wife Lauren revealed that he is no more. His death news is not a rumor. The actor is no more. The main reason for his death can be a long-term illness or cancer. Till now her ex-wife Carol Marlow has not come forward to pay her respect.

Carol Marlow


Q. Who is Tony Dow?

Ans. Tony Dow was an American actor, director, and sculptor.

Q. At what age did he die?

Ans. He died at the age of 77.

Q. Where is his ex-wife?

Ans. There is no information about his ex-wife Carol Marlow.


Q. How did Tony Dow die?

Ans. The reason for his death is Cancer.

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