What happened to the stars of "Big Brother"?

It will be on June 16, 2022 that 20 years will be celebrated since the final of the first edition of the reality show "Big Brother Mexico" was broadcast, a program that revolutionized television in the country and managed to break audience records.

Said reality consisted of selecting 12 contestants of both sexes to isolate them in a house that would be monitored by 40 cameras and 60 microphones, with the intention, according to the creators, of showing human behavior in isolation conditions.

The first edition of this program, which was broadcast on Televisa from March 3 to June 16, 2002 and was hosted by journalist Adela Micha, was won by Rocío Cárdenas, from Monterrey , better known as " Chío ", who after succeeding and take two million pesos, he dedicated himself to acting and driving for seven years.

Some of the most remembered participants of that first edition of Big Brother, in addition to the winner, were Denisse Padilla "La Mapacha", Azalia Ojeda "La Negra", Eduardo Orozco "El Doc", Patricio "El Pato" Zambrano, Gabriel Pontones "El Rasta”, Eric Aureoles “El Tlacuache”, Carla Chávez “Carlita”, Verónica Payró “Vero”, Paola Olivera “La China”, Miguel Ángel Araniz and Diego Jasso.

"Chio" Cardenas. The winner of the reality show remains active on her social networks. You can find it at www.instagram.com/chio_oficial1. SPECIAL

According to her, after the “Big Brother” phenomenon and the media exposure she experienced, she decided to take a break and study film and theater, with the intention of perfecting the technique she learned at the Televisa Center for Artistic Education (CEA).

However, one of the episodes that "Chío" has wanted to forget is his courtship with the writer Andrés Roemer, who is currently a fugitive from Mexican justice after being criminally denounced for rape, sexual abuse and harassment by at least five women, meanwhile, there are more than 50 stories that relate him to these crimes.

According to the information that was developed at that time, she left him after learning of his alleged infidelity. Now, in the midst of the scandal, Rocío has kept silent about the complaints against Roemer, since, according to the versions of some of the victims, this behavior of the former UN Goodwill Ambassador dates back more than Two decades.

Despite that episode, Rocío gave herself another chance at love and married Giovanni . Betti , a plastic surgeon who is a specialist in biopolymer removal, body contouring, VaserHD lipo, bust, buttocks, filler and botox. With him, he had three children to whom he constantly shows off his social networks: the twins Bruno and Leonardo, 9 years old, and Gianluca, 6.


The first edition of the reality show featured:

40 cameras

60 microphones

The participants took advantage of the fame that the program gave them. SPECIAL


What happened to the others?

Some started a career in the media, others are scandalous by vocation and some more preferred to immerse themselves in anonymity:

  • Denisse Padilla “La Mapacha”: With a carefree character, a lover of sensual dances and a colorful vocabulary, after her departure she posed for some adult magazines. Later he studied humanities at UNAM and now divides his time between Mexico City and San Francisco, working in a content generation service company.
  • Azalia Ojeda “La Negra”: In recent years she has been involved in various legal problems. She was arrested for trying to cash a stolen check and at the time of her arrest she tried to bribe the police, which earned her another nickname: "Lady Polanco".
  • Eduardo Orozco “El Doc”: Turned into a television announcer and host, today he is a public figure. In fact, you can see his adventures at www.facebook.com/Eduardoeldoc
  • Patricio “El Pato” Zambrano: Immersed in the world of politics, he has stood for election in his native Nuevo León, always losing. He does not give up his attempt and is currently a political commentator and promoter of social causes, although he is also remembered for his peculiar romance with Irma Serrano.
  • Gabriel Pontones “El Rasta”: Communicologist specialized in cinema, it could be said that he is more of an addict to appear on reality shows. In addition to "Big Brother", he was seen in "Fear Factor" (where he did win), "Challenge 4 elements" and "Guerreros 2020". Only age prevents him from being in "MasterChef Kids".
  • Eric Aureoles “El Tlacuache”: He lives in Puerto Rico with his wife.
  • Carla Chávez “Carlita”: Full-time housewife, shares phrases and memes on her Instagram (www.instagram.com/carlacincuentona)
  • Verónica Payró “Vero”: She is a dubbing actress and at 43 years old she has participated with her voice in “The Legend of the Nahuala”, “The Princess Diary 2” and “Educating Helen”, among others.
  • Paola Olivera “La China”: She left the media.
  • Miguel Ángel Araniz: He returned to anonymity, from which he does not plan to leave.
  • Diego Jasso: Away from entertainment, at 40 years old he enjoys his career as a publicist.

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