What Happened To George Zajfen? Real Cause Of Kelly McKee Zajfen Son Death

Royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s friend Kelly McKee Zajfen made a heartbreaking announcement of the unfortunate demise of her son George Zajfen. As the news spread to the world, everybody was beyond shocked. George Zajfen was a 9-year-old boy. Her Mother and founder of Alliance of Moms, Kelly shared her grief on social media through a post. Shocked and grief-ridden parents are now waiting for the autopsy reports of their son. 

As per the reports, the cause of death of the 9-year-old little boy is not known yet. Many reports claimed that George’s death is natural. Some claimed that there is foul play in his death. He was found ‘lifeless’ and ‘unresponsive’ in the home. Hence, the real cause of death remains a mystery. However, the autopsy results are yet to come to light which may help in knowing the root cause of death. Kelly Mckee wrote an Instagram post as a tribute to her son. She shares the number of George photos. In one photo Kelly was George was holding her mother’s hand. In another photo mother and son share a kiss.

“My sweet baby boy. My world is shattered into a million pieces. I have little ability to breathe. Walk. Function. Sit. Stand. You were the light of my life. Your smile made the room so bright and your heart was the most perfect and sweetest.

You left this Earth and left behind so many people who loved you. I don’t know how I’m able to go on. How I can function. How I can be the light and have joy ever again I’m going to try. Try hard for your beautiful twin sister.

I can’t comprehend any of it. Thank you for my world and tribe lifting me and pulling me off the floor. I can’t do it with you.”

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All the acquaintances, friends, family, and even netizens poured condolences on the strong mother. Entrepreneur and Model, Kelly Mckee had a son and a daughter. Her surviving daughter is a patient with a heart condition and has to wear a pacemaker. According to a friend of the Zajfen family, George had no heart problems that they were aware of. Nobody knows what happened right now. 

“They’re still waiting on the autopsy results. I don’t even think she knows right now. He was just found unresponsive.”

It’s hard to believe that it’s him when of course it’s his sister who has had a heart condition since she was two years old. Right now, it’s very much a mystery for everybody.’ a person close to the family said about George Zajfen sudden death. 

One of the twins of former model Kelly McKee Zajfen dies suddenly

George Zajfen mother Kelly McKee is a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist. It is unbearable for a mother to witness her son’s death. The entire Zajfen family is still in shock and can not process what tragedy befalls them. Kelly McKee shared the news on social media. Her fans are praying for George Zajfen family. They are going from a very 

Kelly is a dear friend to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The Royal couple was shattered when they heard the tragic news of George Zajfen is dead. As a tribute, they donated $5000 under George’s name to the GoFundMe trust in the name of their children Archie and Lilibet. 

Kelly McKee Zajfen – The Philanthropist 

Kelly McKee Zajfen, George Zajfen

Kelly is an entrepreneur and ex-model. Kelly Zajfen, 42 has made magnanimous contributions to the welfare of society. She is a founder of Alliance of Moms, a charitable trust based in Los Angeles that works for the betterment of pregnant and parenting teens in their foster care so that they can build happy families and a bright future. Not only this, she has made contributions to all the mothers who don’t have the means to support themselves. Kelly McKee Zajfen is also an ambassador of heart for the Children’s Hospital of LA (CHLA). Kelly McKee Zajfen made her primary goal to provide a better life to teen moms and children. Kelly also had an eco-friendly clothing brand named Little Minis.

Nine-year-old son of Kelly McKee Zajfen was found 'unresponsive' at home |  Daily Mail Online

According to reports, George Zajfen sister is suffering from a heart ailment. She will be required to wear a pacemaker. The one who helps everybody around her is having a hard time after losing her precious son. We send our love and support to the Zajfen family and pray god gives them strength! May his soul Rest in Peace. 

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