Maybe lately life hasn’t smiled on you the way you expected, but don’t give up, because the good stuff is just coming and you should be ready to enjoy the moment. Do not let anyone make you doubt, you are so that you have love to spare and not leftovers of love. It is worth that you are the first to recognize your effort, but also that you surround yourself with people who do it, that is why it is very important to choose well the people who accompany you. There are many who want to see you defeated and others who will give you their strong hand so that you get up. You just have to be more alert. This is what every sign deserves.


I hope that every night you go to sleep remembering that you deserve the whole world. Aries, you have been demanding your steps for so long, that you don’t even remember the last time you gave yourself a break. What you deserve is a break, you’re always on the go. Adrenaline keeps you moving, but it’s not okay to get lost among a thousand activities. You have given a lot, do not continue, because you will end up exhausted and that will make you not give enough. Nothing happens, you need it to gain momentum and continue.


Start by apologizing Taurus, because you have accepted crumbs, knowing that you are up for much more. It is not worth that you settle just because your circle of people does not know how to recognize your value. What you deserve is a true closure, it will be very painful to say goodbye to some hearts, but the chapters end and it is the only way you can turn the page. Keep going, because life has great things prepared for you, but if you cling to being where they make you cry more than you smile, you will not be able to know them.


The worst thing you can do, Gemini, is to allow someone to hide you, as if there was something wrong with you. It is not okay to treat you as the last thing on their priority list and demand you when you are not available. That’s not love, you deserve all the happiness, to be with someone who looks at you as if they had the most valuable thing in front of their eyes. Stop accepting half smiles and insipid kisses. You are giving your best years and your energy to someone who does not melt for you. Beautiful love exists, but you need to stop adorning the loves that don’t even reach your Gemini heels.


There are people who heal you, when you are with them the shine stays in your eyes and it is incredible how a kiss on the forehead can brighten your day. Cancer, that’s the kind of people you deserve in your life, the ones who recognize everything you do. I know that when you give something it is from the heart and that you do not expect to be paid with the same currency, but it is not worth being used and then discarded as if you were a simple handkerchief of tears. You deserve gratitude, someone who appreciates how hard you try and who is able to confuse you with the beauty of the sun’s rays every morning.


Leo, no one is pressuring you, it’s you and your crazy ideas that make you always want to beat the hands of the clock. The important thing is that there you go, slowly, but don’t let your guard down. But you know what? There are people who shouldn’t have even half of your love, because they take advantage of your feelings to hurt you. What you deserve is respect, that the people who accompany you really value each one of your words and your actions. Do not normalize criticism, or bad vibes, much less rudeness. Leo, knowing them all your life is not synonymous with having to tolerate everything.


Virgo, I want you to be very clear, read well, every time you feel like you’re drowning you’re not exaggerating. Do not allow your thoughts or the opinion of others to make you feel guilty, because you are the only one who knows about the pain you are going through, and you have every right to live it as you can. Come on, nobody teaches us to overcome these situations, we have to come out of them with a lot of scratches. You deserve to feel good about yourself in every way and that no one comes to shake your self-esteem. Stop assuming what the other says as the truth, because the moment you love yourself you will ignore it.


You are here to be given a special place in your heart and to be surrounded by love. You are such an exceptional sign that sharing with you becomes synonymous with peace in the soul. You like to help and love, why don’t you do it with yourself? There are times when you feel very tired, because the problems of others exhaust you, but you continue to demand yourself as if you were made of iron. Libra, what you deserve is a treat, you work too hard to keep yourself wanting something. Let’s see, if you don’t mind spending on others, why do you make excuses when it comes to yourself? You don’t need to waste what you don’t have, but give yourself a gift, it’s your turn.


Yes, I know that joys are temporary, but so are sorrows. Scorpio, you have focused so much on the bad that you have left aside what is really salvageableā€¦ you. You are an incredible being, the people who are with you should feel proud of your company and that is why you should not get involved with those who dull your shine. Scorpio, you deserve a ton of self love. It is time that when you look at your reflection you feel good with each fragment of your essence. Not only outside, also inside. You are believing everything that people say about you and that dirty your soul, do not allow it.


It is very simple, but profound, you are there to be given everything you dream of. You are not the type of person who allows himself to be manipulated by others, butā€¦ there is a part of you that is too permissive and you do not set limits when they cross the line. However, they make you feel bad for everything you do. What you deserve is to feel safe, loved, knowing that each of your steps will take you to your ultimate goals, regardless of whether you feel like throwing in the towel along the way. You deserve people who encourage you, who continue to believe in you even if there are times when your dark circles say it all. Your time and effort are valuable. Sagittarius. Do not hesitate.


Yes, you know that you are not perfect, that there are times when your outbursts speak for you and you end up arguing over unnecessary things. However, you are a very valuable, intelligent being, you are the one who teaches the true meaning of perseverance. Please don’t give anyone the pleasure of making you less of a Capricorn. What you deserve is an honest hug, that comes from someone who is willing to listen to the pain of your wounds and at the same time motivates you to move forward. Those people who want the best for you and appreciate the simple fact of meeting your path.


Love yourself Aquarius, but do it for real, with all the intention of not allowing someone to humiliate you again every time you want to express what weighs down your heart. You are the type of person who is constantly trying to turn on the light of others, but you do not realize that they are turning off yours. Aquarius, you deserve to fight for your dreams, because you have worked very hard on them. There are your sleepless nights, doubts and hopes. You deserve to be applauded for each of your steps, no matter how big or small. Stop settling for less.


I know that your light personality has caused you to meet people who have no idea what it is to appreciate each other’s company. You are here to have healthy affective relationships, where love is good and reciprocal. However, you have to release all the toxicity that is invading you Pisces. Start by giving yourself a break, you deserve to go out and clear doubts, have a drink with your friends and clarify what you really want to do. Do not stress, it is your life, you can receive the opinion of others, but not carry out their advice. Take your time, the heart does not heal overnight.

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