Starting a relationship implies wanting to spend time with this very special person and share our lives with them. We tend to start relationships with all the illusions in the world and we tend not to see everything that is in the other person. We let ourselves go, we fall in love and we have expectations. We live life with this person and, each time, the relationship becomes more stable. But how many couples really know their other half well? There are many relationships that end up breaking up due to having very high expectations, due to routine and infidelity. In this case, we want to talk to you about what are the most and least faithful signs of the Zodiac.


The natives of the sign of Aries are very faithful people in love, but they like clear things. If they are going to commit and do their best for the relationship, they want their partners to make the same commitment. Although when they are single, they may have more or less relationships, when they commit, they do so for the very long term. The couples of the Aries will not be the ones who will have problems in this regard.


The Taurus, without a doubt, are the most faithful of the Zodiac. They are extremely homelike people, lovers of family and friends. They are faithful to their ideals and when they promise something, they will always fulfill it. If there is someone we can trust, 100% in this regard, it is Taurus. They do not contemplate infidelities in the relationship and, much less, that they are the ones who commit them.


The natives of the sign of Gemini are not just the most faithful that we can find. They like to play with fire and sometimes they end up getting burned. We are not saying that they are one of those who seek opportunities, but that, if they come up, they will want to enter a game that, obviously, will end with infidelity. It’s not that we can’t trust them, but it will be necessary for us to constantly capture their attention if we want to keep them faithful by our side.


Cancer is not an unfaithful sign by itself, but sometimes it allows someone to get too close. And, this is where the problem may be. What for him is a simple game, for the other person it may not be. And, when Cancer realizes this, he will end up committing infidelity, because it will be difficult for him to get away from this person knowing his interests. We must remember that “touch makes love” and no one is immune to it.


Leos are very faithful to their partners and this is not questionable. They dedicate themselves to her body and soul and, when the relationship is established, they will know how to be in her place at all times. They are not people who like to play and when someone tries to start a game with them, they stop it from the zero minute. And, in addition, they will move away from this person who can represent a problem for their relationship.


Virgo natives are unfaithful when we talk about very stagnant relationships. Virgos are people who establish a routine with their partner and have no trouble making commitments. Therefore, they quite follow the pace at which the other person goes. As long as things go well and they feel loved, Virgos will be faithful. But, when the relationship becomes too stagnant and the pampering or details begin to decline, Virgo will seek attention in other arms. And, with her personality, we have to say that they have no trouble finding this other person. They do not like two-day relationships, but they tend to get tired of stable and routine relationships.


Libra is, without a doubt, the sign most similar to Taurus. When they are in a couple there is nothing else for them. They have no qualms about devoting all their time to their partner, family and home. They tend to be very intuitive, so when they see hidden intentions in other people, they easily walk away. They do not give rise to games and have things very clear, both for those who already know them and for those who come into their lives. The limits, for them, are the limits.


Scorpio is faithful in everything. He is not a person we see changing jobs or partners. They are always there when needed and do not hesitate to commit. They seek the best for those they love and strive to give their best at all times. Moreover, when Scorpios see that there is someone who has more intentions with them than they want or see appropriate, they end the relationship. And, unlike signs like Leo or Libra, Scorpios will withdraw in such a way that the other person will immediately realize that there is nothing to do. For Scorpios, there is no room in their lives for those who could represent a problem for them and their family.


Sagittarius, as is the case with Virgo, are people who can be very faithful while falling in love lasts in the relationship and things go well. When they are tied down and routine sets in, they begin to focus their attention on other people, on other relationships. Sagittarius is a person who lives life and enjoys it at all times. For this reason, despite the fact that they may be in stable relationships, they do not want to close the door to anything either.


Capricorns are faithful to the core. There is nothing to fear for those who share their life with a Capricorn. They are very stable people in general, who like only their partner. In fact, it is difficult to see a Capricorn looking at other people when he is in a relationship: his eyes are always fixed on his partner.


For Aquarius, relationships are already somewhat complicated. He has a way of being that he loves, but that goes a bit against what is expected of a person who is in a relationship. The lack of independence or the loss of his space is something that makes him dread; therefore, they are not people who run when starting a relationship. However, when they find someone who understands them and decide to have a relationship, they are very faithful.


How could it be otherwise, Pisces are very faithful. They are very romantic, dreamy people who are always making plans to be with their partner and give them the best possible life. They are not people who like to play both sides and, therefore, their partners can be very calm. What’s more, they are so sincere that they tell their partner everything. And, if someone tries to mess up her relationship, they will share it with her too. They are very loving, faithful and committed people. Now you know which are the most faithful and stable zodiac signs in love. In this way, you will know how this special person is and you will be able to establish the limits that you consider necessary. It is very important information that will allow you to avoid situations that you do not want in life.

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