Weekly Shonen Jump TOC #15 2022

Weekly Shonen Jump TOC #15 2022

This Monday it officially goes on sale in Japan in number 15 this year’s magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. Shueisha’s weekly brings in cover page this week to black clover to celebrate your seventh anniversary.

On the occasion of this celebration, the chapter of Black Clover contains main color pages in which it is revealed that the animation film announced after series completion will premiere in theaters in Japan in 2023. In addition, it launches new character popularity ranking, with open participation for everyone through the following link. The results will be announced in September.

The surprise of the week stars jujutsu kaisenwell the magazine does not include a new chapter, as originally planned. Its publication is postponed to next week due to the poor physical condition of its author, Gege Akutami. When it comes to popularity ranking, Sakamoto Days ring the bell this week and rise to the number onefollowed by My Hero Academia. Undead Unluck close the top 3, climbing several positions after several weeks chained in the lower-middle part of the classification. At the other end of the ranking, MASHLE is at the bottom of the table. On the other hand, the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump contain the one shot titled nuenchiwritten and illustrated by Kawae Kouta. It has 47 pages and a color introduction. Finally, the preview of the next issue of the magazine announces that My Hero Academia will occupy the cover page of that issue, although the main color pages will be for Kokousei Kazōku. meanwhile that week one piece will have break.

Then we leave you with the complete ranking: Black Clover (Cover. Main pages in color for the seventh anniversary of the series)
1. Sakamoto Days
one piece
2.My Hero Academia
The blue box (Color pages)
3.Undead Unluck
Children of the Earth
Nuenchi (Color pages. One-shot of 47 pages by Kawae Kouta)
4. Kokousei Kazōku
Akane Banashi
6. Fugitive Hero
Me and Roboco (Color pages. 18 page chapter)
7. The mission of the Yozakura family
9. Ayakashi Triangle
10. Mamore! Shugomaru
13. Dorondororon *Series containing color pages are not included in the weekly ranking Source: Shônen Jump and Manga Plus

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