The weekend begins and the truth is that you are more excited than usual Little Fish. And it’s good, you need to distract yourself a little from some things that until now were hurting you. Your thoughts are tremendously powerful, you are a person capable of sinking yourself, but you are also capable of elevating yourself. And that is precisely what you are doing now. You’re taking your power to come on top.

Very soon you are going to close a super important life project that you have in your hands. Something that will change everything. Don’t give in if you know you shouldn’t. Sometimes you have to tighten the rope a little to see if those who are really comply with what they said and are not words that end up being carried away by the wind. In addition, you will feel much closer to someone special, as if in some way you “made peace”, as if you suddenly accepted all that information that you knew from others and you felt much better. If you need time, take it, don’t put pressure on yourself, don’t get overwhelmed, walk slowly but walk. And please don’t blame yourself for things that have nothing to do with you. Now it’s time to be happy.

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