Hunter Biden's Ex-Wife, Kathleen Buhle is going to publish her book If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing next week. The book is about her break-up and addiction of her ex-husband.

In this book she writes her life when she was married to Hunter Biden and what it feels like to be in the family of then Vice-President Joe Biden.

Kathleen also explained in detail how she felt like an outsider when she was not covered under the coverage security of Secret Services.

She mentioned that after Joe Biden becomes the Vice-President, a secret service officer told her that she will only be included in the coverage if there is an emergency.

She felt embarrassed, Did this mean I was less important than my husband and my kids? What I heard in his words: I was not truly a Biden.” She wrote in her book.

She talks about one instance when we were taking family photos and Hunter's aunt came and said let's do one with Joe and Jill now. And later she said, "Biden Blood Only".