Weak Hero Chapter 207 Release Date, And Raw Scans {Manga English}

Is Weak Hero really Weak? Read about this underdog webtoon that will be a good addition to your manga list. Know the release date of Weak Hero chapter 207 along with possible plot twists, spoilers, raw scans, and where to read it. A high-school setting, teenage drama with a buck load of thrill and action. What else does a manhwa lover need?

This Korean manhwa is also in the process of being a K-Drama and famous singer  Park Ji-Hoon is finalized for the role of the main lead. So that is another exciting news for all the K-Drama enthusiasts! Let’s talk about the webtoon first.


This is not your normal school. It is run by a handful of brutal bullies. Everyone dreads them. Being their target would count as your biggest folly! Not even a single day goes by where these tyrants don’t torment the weakest kids of the school. But one day, a knight in shining armor arrives to save everyone. From his appearance, Gray doesn’t look threatening but it is his cold and calculative mind that wins over and he gets what he wants. He makes effective attempts to shake the entire power dynamics of the school. Bullies have to devise a new plan to retain their position in the institution and defeat this unusual hero. How far will this Weak Hero go? 

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Release Date of Weak Hero Chapter 207

Weak Hero chapter 207

Every Thursday, the series gets updated and releases it’s new chapter. The release date for Weak Hero chapter 207 is confirmed to be on 25th August 2022. As of now, 205 chapters have been released of the manhwa. The series gets better with each chapter. You would love this manga if you are looking for a realistic portrayal of situations and not a superficial plot. Read the previous chapters too for a quick understanding.

Raw Scans 

Raw Scans for the upcoming Weak Hero Chapter 207 would be accessible to the fans around 3-4 days prior to the original release of the chapter. This means spoilers, photos or other printed images will be circulated possibly on 21-22 August 2022. You can find raw scans on Reddit, 4chan, Twitter, and Discord groups. This is the best method to build up excitement among fans!

A Quick Recap

Weak Hero Chapter 207

The English translation of the newly released chapter 206 has not yet reached overseas fans. We will give you a recap of the preceding chapter. In Chapter 205, we witnessed Union members fighting and attempting to pull each other’s legs down. Donald has given his orders to escort Seongmok with Kingsley. At Ganghak, Hayden is yelling at Hwangmo over the phone and threatening him to go walk his path. It’s either my way or highway for him. Hwangmo hates to admit that Hayden is right. Further, tension can is so intense that it can be cut with a knife.

Donald has ordered Wolf to be excommunicated. Weak Hero Chapter 207 chapter will be a continuation of this. It will show the rivalry between the school bullies and our not so Weak Hero Gray. One fabulous thing about this manhwa is that every character has their unique screen presence and never overpowers or underpowers other characters.

Where To Read?

We always suggest all manga readers to read from rightful and legal means as it is a labor of love and creativity and deserves praise. The reading platforms for Weak Hero chapter 207 and all other chapters of the manhwa series are Webtoon and Topmanhua. Go ahead with this Korean Manhwa if high-school drama combined with action is your thing!

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