Weak Hero Chapter 205 Manga English Scan, Release Date, and Raw Scans

Weak Hero is anything but weak! High School Webtoons are a delight to read as they are fused with teenage problems, school drama, and authentic portrayals of situations. Read the full article to know Weak Hero Chapter 205 Manhwa Release date, and time, spoilers, raw scans and where to enjoy reading the English version.

Korean Manhwas and Japanese manga are on a roll right now. The craze for webtoons has been thriving day by day! In such huge traffic, some of the manhwas don’t get due attention and appreciation. So, we have come up with an excellent recommendation for you. Keep reading and sharing.

Weak Hero Storyline

This is not your normal school. It is run by brutal bullies. Everyone of scared of them. Being their target would be your biggest folly! Not even a single day goes by where the tyrants of the school don’t torment the weakest kids of the school. But one day, a knight in shining armor arrives to save everyone. From his appearance, Gray doesn’t look threatening but it is his cold and calculative mind that wins over. He makes effective attempts to shake the entire power dynamics of the school. Bullies have to devise a new plan to retain their position in the institution and defeat this unusual hero.

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Weak Hero Chapter 205 Release Date

Weak Hero Chapter 205

As of the latest, 204 Chapters have been released for the audience. Weak Hero Chapter 205 is set to release on 11th August 2022. Mark the date guys. This manhwa is viewed 172+ million times on webtoon so it is gradually becoming popular. We recommend you to read chapter 204 which was released on 4th august 2022 so that it will all make sense and you will grasp what is going on. 

A Quick Recap and a Spoiler 

Weak Hero Chapter 205

This webtoon is created by Seopass and Razen. As in chapter 204, we saw Gray Yeon enrolling in Hero Cram School along with his regular high school during the daytime. Popularly known as Eunjang’s White Mamba on the Shuttle patch and he is ranked 8th in combat style. As stated before, Gray’s appearance is anything but strong as he looks more feminine and less masculine. This automatically makes him appear like a frail boy. He has purplish-pink eye color, and silver hair with bangs that may seem deceiving. His ability to fight renders all the opponents on their knees. 

Along with his bodily appearance, his fashion sense is also underexplored by creators. He wears only white with black pants. Weak Hero Chapter 205 is going to continue with these observations.

Weak Hero Chapter 205 Raw Scans 

Weak Hero Chapter 205

Raw Scan will be available to the fans on platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, and others. To access them, you have to wait 2-3 days prior to the actual release date of the original chapter. So, 8th-9th August 2022 is the date. These raw scans are an excellent way to build suspense among manga lovers. They are available in the form of photos, snippets, written spoilers, etc.

Where to Read?

This manhwa has the potential to be your next favorite so watch out for all the details and enjoy. You can read weak hero chapter 205 and all the released chapters on Webtoon. Go ahead!

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