We discover Puentedey, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain

The Most Beautiful Towns of Spain association has a new addition this year and is a small town of just 50 inhabitants with an impressive natural stone bridge created by the river Nela. It is located in the Burgos region of Las Merindades (Castilla y León) and the truth is that it does not lack charm.

A stone bridge created by nature

Located about 90 kilometers north of the city of Burgos, Puentedey is all tranquility and the past. Its crown jewel is the stone bridge on which the town itself was formed and even gave it its name. The story is that its inhabitants considered it the work of God, which originally gave the town the name of Puente Dei. The truth is the Nela river took 90 million years to create its natural arch of approximately 15 meters high to be able to continue on its way.

churches and palaces

However, it is not the only monument in the place. The church of San Pelayo is a simple Romanesque temple of a single nave of limestone that shows on its cover the representation of a man armed with a sword facing a reptile. On the other hand, the palace of the Brizuelas dates from the 15th and 16th centuries and was declared an asset of cultural interest in the category of castles in 1949. In addition, it is located at the highest point in Puentedey.


Puentedey is surrounded by a great wall, built during the Middle Ages for defensive purposes. This wall belongs to one of the most important monuments of the town: the Casa Palacio de los Porras. Built in the fifteenth century, It is Renaissance style. and it has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Other points of interest in Puentedey

The urban area of ​​Puentedey stands out for its ancestral homes and popular constructions. in addition its old bread oven has been rehabilitated and its mill can be visited, in addition to the shoe rack and even a small bowling museum. Of course, lovers of good views cannot leave without going through the San Andrés viewpoint. It is suspended in the air and it offers a spectacular view of the natural stone arch and hanging houses. The main festival of the municipality takes place during the last week of August. It’s about the Cockaigne Festival, a centuries-old tradition that consists of placing a pennant at the end of a long pole located as a walkway over the Nela River, just under the stone arch. The participants have to cross the pole and get the flag without falling into the water.


Burgos gastronomy

From the region of Las Merindades, where Puentedey is located, they are especially famous vegetables, preñaos buns, suckling lamb, black pudding, foal and lamb meat and Burgos cheese. Undoubtedly, a great incentive to enjoy this town with a sense other than sight.

Visit Puentedey

The car is the best way to get to Puentedey. To do this, we have to pass the city of Burgos and then take the CL-629 and the BU-561 until we reach this little town. When it comes to lodging, we can find the rural house Fuentetrigo less than two kilometers.

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Rural house Fuentetrigo

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