Waukesha Driver Is A Registered Sex Offender And A BLM Terrorist, Posted Anti-White Social Media Memes


What is the Waukesha incident? 

On a peaceful Friday evening, there was a Christmas parade going on in Waukesha. However, a red Suv rammed into the people during the evening. This unfortunate incident left several people injured and even, few died. According to the official statistics until now, five people have been registered  as dead while 4o have been gravely injured.

The accused of the incident is identified as Darrell Brooks. Police immediately arrested the accused and took him questioning. They have arrested this single man as the prime suspect of the incident. They have not taken anyone else foe questioning. The police have mentioned that the person who is arrested did not feel remorse about the incident.

Immediately, after the arrest of Brooks, several social media people came out in the support of the accused. They have accused the police for practicing discrimination against the person because he is a man of color. They have even posted that Brooks was never involved in the crime. He was trying to escape a knife attack. However, he was arrested due to the unfortunate incident that took place.

CNN conspiracy against Brooks

After the incident, several photos of the accused surfaced online. Some were even published by the news channel, CNN. However, people noticed some differences in the skin color of the man arrested for the event. The skin colour of Brooks was altered in the media posts and channels.

People have told that CNN is involved in a conspiracy against the accused person. They have used a mugshot photo of Brooks that appears lightened in color. It could even be the case as stated by the online people that they might have taken the photo in a different lighting setup. This has not gone down well with social media. They have even accused the channel for showcasing the paid analysts during the news. These analysts have stated the accused in a bad light and they have even misinterpreted the entire incident. This has not gone down well with the online people. They have called out on these people and are seeking justice for Brooks.

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Brooks is a known sex offender.

After the incident, however, police have published that Brooks is a known sex offender. This incident has been registered with the police in Nevada. There has been reports that Brooks was involved in Anti-white movements. In addition, he was involved in BLM and was also accounted as a strong supporter of the same. The police have further deleted all the social media accounts of Brooks.

The social media people have raised their concerns over the matter. They are asking what the reason behind the deleting the account of Brooks? They have even come out in support of Brooks stating that he was fighting for a cause involving his people. He has been arrested on false charges.

What is progress on Brooks’s case?

Brooks received bail from the court after three days of the incident. He had to pay some fees due to the felony charged.

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