Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon Anime Announced

Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon Anime Announced

Last Tuesday, a new web page was opened to announce that the light novel series of Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon (My Happy Marriage) will receive an anime adaptation. Likewise, the portal also presented a first trailer of the series in which you can see Miyo Saimori and Kiyoka Kudou, the main protagonists and who are played by the voice actors Queen Ueda (Jigoku in Takt Op. Destiny) and Kaito Ishikawa (Kanade Uryuu in Platinum End), respectively. At the moment the date on which this adaptation of the work written by akumi agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka It’s coming to Japanese television. In addition to this, there was also a first promotional image from the anime in which you can see the main couple on a background with cherry blossoms.

Takehiro Kubota (Itazuraguma no Gloomy) is directing this Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon series for the studio Kinema Citrus (The Rising of the Shield Hero, Made in Abyss). Together with him, Ami Satо̄ (7/22), Takahito Onishi (7/22) and Momoko Toyoda (Cardfight!! Vanguard: Over Dress) write the script, while character design is done by Shōko Yasuda (3D Kanojo: Real Girl). In addition to these, Evan Call (Violet Evergarden) composes the music. Akumi Agitogi and Tsukiho Tsukioka began publishing the Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon light novel series in January 2019. Currently, the work has a total of five volumes in the Japanese market. In addition to this, Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon also has a manga adaptation by Rito Kosakawhich is published on the web Gangan Online from Square Enix and has three volumes published so far.

Born without talent into a noble family famed for its supernatural abilities, Saimori Miyo is forced by her stepmother to lead an existence of servitude. However, when Miyo finally reaches marriageable age, her hopes for a better life are dashed after she discovers the identity of her fiancé: Kudou Kiyoka, a commander seemingly so cold and cruel that his previous would-be girlfriends fled three days later. of their commitments. With no home to return to, Miyo resigns herself to her fate and soon discovers that her husband-to-be is anything but the monster she expected. As they slowly open their hearts to each other, they both realize that this may be their chance to find true love and happiness. Source: AIR News

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