Visual Prison Episode 8 Release date, Spoilers


Visual Prison Episode 8 release date

Visual Prison Episode 8 is set to be released on November 27, 2021. You can watch the episodes on online platforms such as  ANIPLUS and Funimation. These platforms will release the episode of the anime at midnight on Friday. There are other mediums such as ANIPLUS Asia and Wakanim (DE). These platforms can be accessed after registering on the websites. Once you have registered on the website with your official credentials, you will be eligible to view the anime. It also requires you to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Visual Prison Episode 7 recap

In the previous episode, we had seen that Yuki and Mist have been given the green signal to work with Saga. The happiness of Yuki knows no bounds. Yuki has to agree to the protocol of not revealing the details of the band to others. Together, they decide to throw a surprise show but it will be based on all the rules and regulations. Both begin their work so that things become easier for Lost and Eden bands. Towards the end of the episode, we see that Mist is talking to an agent from England and this leaves Yuki wondering.

Visual Prison Episode 8  spoilers

In the next episode, we will see that the vampires are annoyed as they were not aware of the employment of Yuki. They were not informed by Saga or Mist. We will also see Elizabeth revealing the real reason behind sending Yuki to Mist. We will finally see the epic performance of Lost and Eden. This performance will leave their fans wanting more and cheering.


Here is the preview of the next episode that will not allow you to control the excitement.

About Visual Prison

This anime series was released in October 2021. This series is created for television by Noriyasu Agematasu. The anime is directed by Takeshi Furuta and Tomoya Tanaka. The anime is based on the writing by Yukie Sugawara. The anime is directed under the studio of A1 pictures. This anime has been licensed under the network of Funimation. This is a limited anime series and until now, a total of 7 episodes of the series has been released.

The series revolves around the characters of vampires. These vampires have disguised themselves as visual kei musicians. These vampires gather themselves once a year at an exciting event that goes by the name of the Visual Prison. This event takes place in a small district of Tokyo which is known as the Harajuku. These vampires have been divided on the basis of several band formation. The series shows our character Ange Yuki who goes to see this Visual Prison event. He rides to the Harajuku district to witness the unfolding of the events of the music battle. This music battle takes place between two reputed vampire bands who go by the name of Eclipse and Lost Eden. These bands gives each other a tough fight while our protagonist witnesses the epic battle.

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