Violeta Mangriñán reveals the name they have already chosen for their first child

Violeta Mangriñán and Fabio Colloricchio They announced with great fanfare that in just 5 months they will become parents. The couple could not be more excited about the news, a long-awaited baby that will put the icing on the cake of that beautiful love story that was born in Honduras three years ago among coconuts, sand and palm trees. Since the good news was made public, the influencer has not He has stopped receiving questions, doubts about these first months of gestation that he has not hesitated to share with all his followers. Violeta has recognized that nausea and fatigue have followed her companions during the first weeks of pregnancy but after overcoming that first trimester she has recovered all her energy. Of course, to everyone’s surprise he has barely gained 200 grams: “I’m not worried, the baby is phenomenal,” he said. But one of the most repeated questions was to know the name that the newborn will bear. Although Fabio and some members of the family already know if he is a boy or a girl, Violeta has asked them to remain silent and it will be the same day as her birthday when she finds out through an already popular gender-reveal. Whatever it is, the couple is already very clear about what it will be called.If it is a girl, her name will be Gala.. In this case, they both agreed very quickly: “It’s a name that luckily we both love,” he says. However, andn the case that it is a boy there has been more discrepancy. “We had it more difficult and we shuffled Leo, Romeo, Milan and Kenzo.” Finally and after much thought “We decided it was Leo.”Violeta and Fabio reveal the name they have chosen for their baby Instagram @violeta_mangrinyan Fabio is silent and has not given any clues, so we will have to wait until next March 5 to find out, together with the happy mother, the sex of the baby. tronista from ‘Mujer y hombres y viceversa’ has said that she will give birth in Madrid and they will spend those first months of adaptation in the capital until the house that is being built in Valencia is ready to receive the whole family.

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