Violeta Mangriñán and Fabio Colloricchio reveal who will be the godfather of their daughter Gala

Since she decided to make her pregnancy public, Violeta Mangriñán He does not stop sharing with his followers how he is living this new stage so sweet. The influencer is enjoying herself to the fullest and for the moment she has not altered her routine. Every morning she faces her sports routines and does not neglect her personal and professional commitments. This Friday, Violeta accompanied Fabio to one of her performances. A gig in which she shared the stage with her partner and her friend Omar Montes. In the middle of the song ‘Diablita remix’, the current contestant of ‘El Desafío’ did not hesitate to bring the influencer on stage. It was at that moment that Fabio grabbed his friend and publicly revealed that Omar had been chosen by the couple to be the godfather of his daughter, Gala. Press PLAY and don’t miss this moment!Just a week ago, Violeta knew the sex of her baby, a girl who will be named Gala, as the happy parents have revealed. The former contestant of ‘Survivors’ joked with the idea that there will be an heiress for all her bags and shoes, while the Argentine reminded her that girls are usually more attached to their parents. After learning that Omar Montes is the godfather , it remains to be seen who will be the godmother… Perhaps her sister Lila or will she opt for a friend?

A friendship that was born between coconuts and palm trees

Omar, Fabio and Violeta met during their participation in “Survivors 2019” and from that moment they became inseparable. The Argentine connected perfectly with him, so much so that in addition to sharing personal time they have sung together on several occasions, turning those songs into authentic hits. With the birth of Gala, scheduled for next August, something much stronger will unite them.

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