Vincenzo Season 2 confirmed, plot details and cast.

Vincenzo Season 2 Release Date, Plot Details Cast And More

Recently Netflix announced the second season of the South Korean Zombie Series All of Us are Dead. Now Netflix has renewed its another South Korean series Vincenzo for second season. Read more to know about the Vincenzo season 2 plot details, released date, and cast. South Korean tv series and movies are becoming so popular that streaming giant Netflix is releasing more South Korean content and even renewing the already running shows.

What is Vincenzo’s season 1?

Vincenzo is a Comedy- crime drama created by Dragon Studios and directed by Kim Hee-Won. Song Joong-Ki is in the titular role of Vincenzo. The show also has Jeon Yeo-Been, Ok Taecyeon, and Kwak Dong-Yeon in the lead roles. The story of Vincenzo follows the life of a Korean – Italian Mafia lawyer, who tries to take the firm with his legal knowledge and Mafia connections. Vincenzo season 1 had 20 episodes, while the 20th episode aired on 2nd May 2021. Since then fans are eagerly waiting for Vincenzo Season 2.

Vincenzo Season 2 confirmed, plot details and cast.

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Vincenzo Season 2 Plot details.

Season 1 of Vincenzo ends with a cliffhanger. The main plot of the series follows how the mafia lawyer Vincenzo will take out 1.5 tons of gold stashed in a skyscraper that is controlled by a corrupt business group. In the 20th episode of season 1, Vincenzo paid for the private room for Cha-Young, in the episode he nearly lost her. After taking his revenge and getting the 1.5 tons of gold, Vincenzo buys an island near Malta, where he takes control of the Olive oil fields. Vincenzo Season 2 will take up the story from where season 1 ended. Although, there is no confirmation about the plot details of Vincenzo’s season 2. Once, it will out it will be updated here. Vincenzo Season 2 will show more mafia connections and more character development of the Vincenzo’s character.

Vincenzo Season 2 confirmed, plot details and cast.

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Vincenzo Season 2 cast and release date.

According to reports old cast of the Vincenzo will return for season 2 in their respective roles. Also, the directors and writers of season 1 are coming back to direct and write the Vincenzo Season 2.  Vincenzo Season 2 will explore more about the relationship of Vincenzo and Cha-young.

Vincenzo Season 2 confirmed, plot details and cast.


Q. Where we can watch Vincenzo?

Ans. Vincenzo season 1 is available on Netflix to stream.

Q. How many episodes are there in Vincenzo season 1?

Ans. There are 20 episodes in season 1.

Q. When Vincenzo Season 2 will be released?

Ans. There is no official confirmation about the release date.

Q. How many episodes will be there in Season 2?

Ans. There will be 20 episodes in the Vincenzo Season 2

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