Victoria Federica opts for a basic look and combines it with a luxury bag

It must be recognized that not much time has passed and Victoria Federica has earned a fairly important position in terms of fashion and beauty. In this way, there is no event that she does not attend that is not news and her visit to ARCO, the contemporary art fair held every year in Madrid and which celebrates its 41st edition in 2022, could not be less.

Victory Federica 2

It has not yet been inaugurated by her uncles, Their Majesties the King and Queen, however she has already visited this new edition that is being held in Madrid, leaving us a super basic black and white look with which yes, it has also managed to capture our full attention.

Victoria Federica

And it is that Victoria Federica has combined an oversize style black coat, with a white perkins neck top and wide black low-rise pants (letting a glimpse of her navel) and, all this, combined with a two-tone Loewe Balloon model bag which is a real luxury since very similar models exceed 1,800 euros.

Brownie long women's cloth coat with lapels and buttons

Brownie long women’s cloth coat with lapels and buttons


That said, once again the daughter of the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar once again convinces us with her relaxed style but at the same time loaded with exceptional pieces. A Friday look by Tamara Falcó

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