Verbatim Launches Write Once SSD Drive

Occasionally, some companies try to innovate in ways that don’t make much sense to the majority of the public, and what you just announced Verbatim is one of these products. As we can see on its website, in Japanese, yes, this SSD unit requires certain peculiarities in its use that, in return, They provide us with an equivalent to CD-R discs that allow us to record data only once.
It is a move that may even seem wasteful, but there are several cases in which we need to ensure the invariability of the data. In this case, the drive requires proprietary software to write to it, while once the write limit is reached (1 for written files, and limited by the user in the changelog file) the drive effectively becomes write-protected.

This allows, for example, that legal evidence or account records are shielded against unauthorized changeseven allowing you to trace a specific write from the log file, containing data like name, date, time, SHA-256 hash, etc.
On a technical level, not much is explained, but we do know that this unit works through a USB-C 3.2 Gen1 connection, thus providing a read speed of 540MB/s, but only 180MB/s of sequential writing despite its MLC memories. As it is not exactly an enthusiastic product, it is not a major problem, but for now we also don’t know the price of this 128GB drive.

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