Unveiled new teaser of RPG Fudōsan

Unveiled new teaser of RPG Fudōsan

The Kadokawa Anime company has unveiled the video of Fa, one of the main characters from the new anime RPG Fudosan and which is played by hina kino. East teaser It is the second of the promotional campaign that began last week with the presentation of the protagonist Kotone Kazairo and of which two characters are missing to be presented. This series based on the work of Chiyo Kenmotsu will premiere on the japanese tv on april 2022although the exact broadcast date has not yet been confirmed.

The actresses who will give life to the main cast of characters (from left to right) are Honoka Inoue playing Kotone Kazairo, hina kino gives life to Fa, Natsumi Kawaida gives voice to Rufuria and Manaka Iwami plays Rakira. The actresses will also perform the opening theme “Make Up Life!” with the role of their characters in the series, while the group of idols Maneki Kekak will provide the ending theme with the song “Awesome!”. As for the staff that is working on this animated project, Tomoaki Koshida (Hai-Furi) is directing the anime for the studio. Doga Kobo (Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?), while Yoshiko Nakamura (The Sleeping Princess of the Demon Castle) is in charge of the script. Finally, Motohiro Taniguchi (Alice to Zouroku) is in charge of character design.

Chiyo Kenmotsu is the author of the original RPG Fudōsan manga, which began serialization in the magazine Manga Time Kirara Carat from the Houbunsha publishing house in 2018. At the moment, the work has 3 volumes compilations released in the Japanese market. The story follows Kotone, a magician who ends up working at a real estate agency in a fantasy world. Kotone helps a variety of clients find a home, from a necromancer to a receptionist raising a pegasus. Source: ANN

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