Uncle From Another World Episode 8: Release Date, Bonus Spoiler, And Where To Watch?

Another top-notch Japanese anime recommendation for you to drive the blues away! There are a handful of anime that are well-executed and everything falls at the right place with possibly no loopholes. Read the full piece to know Uncle From Another World Episode 8 release date, recap, bonus spoilers, where to watch, and a small review here and there to convince you to watch the series that you won’t be regretting even the slightest.


The story starts right off the bat as Takafumi narrates that his uncle was struck by a truck seventeen years ago and went into a coma. After spending 17 whole years in coma in a hospital bed, he finally came back from his near-death situation. As he meets his uncle, Takafumi gets to know about certain things that are hard to digest about his uncle. First, he had acquired magical powers and claimed to have lived in another world all these years. Second, he is fond of video games to no end. After this strange revelation, he started sharing a room with his uncle.

Having been away from the real world for almost two decades, he has a lot to catch on to and deal with. Smartphones, Anime tropes, the Internet, Modern Technology, and all the history transpired in these years specifically the 90s console war. 

Uncle From Another World Episode 8 Release Date 

Uncle from Another world episode 8

As of now, 6 episodes have been available to stream of the anime series. Uncle from Another World Episode 8 will be released on Wednesday 7th September 2022. Just one week left! 

Plus point about the anime is once you start watching it, you will only leave until it’s finished. Then, one has to wait for the next episode. Nothing is more gratifying than watching a good anime series! So get your popcorn and snacks ready for a wholesome watching experience.

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A Quick Recap

Uncle from another world episode 8

As the 7th episode of the series is not yet released, we will give you a recap of the 6th episode. Episode 6 of the anime unfolds events that lay the background of the narrative and make the case even more strong. Takafumi’s Uncle begins telling the events that transpired when he was in another world. He was sold for less than a scouring pad at a price of 120 bronze pieces. Suddenly, Both Takafumi and Uncle’s noses started bleeding. Nosebleed was an apparent sign of retaining their lost memory back.

Further Uncle was thrown into a cell where he conversed with the spirit of light. As a result of this, he acquired a sword of light which helped him escape the cell. On his way, he also helped the rodent animals who were held captive in the prison as well. But this was not a wise decision and backfired on him. The beasts displayed their true feral nature by attacking him.


The story will pick from where it left off. While there are no official spoilers released as of now, one can predict a big twist coming our way. Considering the events unfolded as of now, Uncle has endured a lot in the anime. He was transported to a completely different world, then sold off at a throwaway price even less than a scouring pad, attacked for his genuine kindness, and then for his looks citing them as ‘Ugly.’ Conventionally, the character might take a turn and do something unpredictable! Wait for Uncle From Another World Episode 8 for a pleasant experience.

Where To Watch?

Uncle from another world episode 8

Uncle from Another world Episode 8 and all the previous episodes are available for viewers exclusively on Netflix. You need a subscription pack to stream starting from as less as $9.99


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