Ukraine denounces the death of more than 50 civilians in Chernigov in the last 24 hours alone

Image of the devastation in ChernigovEUROPA PRESSThe images that arrive from Chernigov, in northern Ukraine, are devastating: slaughter and destruction everywhere. Russia does not let up in its offensive. In a video released by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, an entire family is seen dead, including a child. Corpses pile up in the streets, and mix with the rubble of destroyed buildings. Ukraine have denounced this Thursday the death of more than 50 civilians for Russian attacks during the last day against Chernigov, within the framework of the offensive launched by Moscow on February 24 by order of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. “We are suffering great losses. Yesterday, the bodies of 53 of our citizens, who died at the hands of the Russian aggressor, arrived at the city morgues. We will avenge the death of each of our citizens,” said the head of the Chernigov State Administration, Viacheslav Chaus. “The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to deal devastating blows to the Armed Forces of the enemy. When the forces are not in populated areas, the enemy panics and suffers heavy losses,” he said, as reported by the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN. For his part, the mayor of the city, Vladislav Atroshenko, pointed out in statements to the RBC-Ukraine television network that the offensive against Chernigov is bringing the town closer to a humanitarian catastrophe, before detailing that there has been no electricity or water for days.During the last day and a half, the intensity of the enemy’s attacks with all kinds of weapons against residential areas has increased significantly. There is no selection. The enemy strikes from everywhere and randomly against the entire city,” Atroshenko said.

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