UK Foreign Secretary Says She Supports Britons Going to Fight Ukraine

UK Foreign Secretary Says She Will Support Britons Going to Fight UkraineUK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.GETTY IMAGES

Truss assured that he would support anyone who wanted to volunteer to fight the Russian invasion

The Minister of Defense has made statements contrary to those of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

The statements of the British Foreign Minister, Liz Truss, have caused controversy in the country. She assured that the British should be able to join the fight in Ukraine and now Defense Minister Ben Wallace has wanted to contradict that statement. He has stated that such an option is primarily for Ukrainian citizens and that people with no military experience should stay out of the conflict, The Guardian reports. Although Wallace has not directly criticized Truss’s remarks on Sunday, he has made it clear that the government does not believe that British civilians should attempt to travel to Ukraine to help fight to the Russian invaders. The foreign secretary told the BBC’s Sunday Morning program that would “absolutely” support anyone who wanted to volunteer to help Ukrainians who fight for their freedom. Specifically, he stated: “This is something that people can make their own decisions about. The people of Ukraine are fighting for freedom and democracy, not only for Ukraine, but for the whole of Europe. Absolutely, if people want to support that fight, I would support them to do it. The defense minister was asked about those comments on the BBC’s Today program and replied: “I think what Liz Truss was saying, quite rightly, is that, in her opinion, this is a just cause, and that is why the international community is united”. Asked if the British should consider traveling to Ukraine, Wallace pointed out that there are better options: “There are many ways people can go and help. On the website of the Ukrainian embassy you can donate financially“. The statements of the head of Foreign Affairs seemed to enter into contradiction with the advice spread by the website of your Ministrywhich states that those who travel to eastern Ukraine to “fight or assist others involved in the conflict” could be prosecuted upon returning to the country, The Guardian reports.

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