tvN’s “Link”, New Teaser

A unique mix of fantasy, romance and mystery, “link” (also “Link: Eat, Love and Die«), will tell the story of a man who suddenly begins to feel all the emotions experienced by an unknown woman when a magical “link” reopens after 18 years.

Moon Ga Young will star in the drama as restaurant worker Noh Da Hyun, who has been unlucky in both love and life, while Yeo Jin Goo He will be playing Eun Gye Hoon, an executive chef whose daily life is turned upside down when he unexpectedly starts going through all the emotions No Da Hyun experiences like joy, sadness, and pain along with her. In the newly released teaser for the upcoming drama, Eun Gye Hoon complains, “Why is this woman’s heart always racing and anxious? It’s very frustrating!” The clip then shows Eun Gye Hoon hilariously laughing out loud in the kitchen when Noh Da Hyun is happy and bursting into tears when she does the same. As Eun Gye Hoon becomes involved in Noh Da Hyun’s life and offers her warm comfort when she needs it most, Noh Da Hyun becomes confused about her motivations. Confronting him, she asks, “If you’re not just being friendly or nice, and you don’t have feelings for me, then what the hell is it?” Meanwhile, Eun Gye Hoon warns, “Even if I’m nice to you, I’ll never start liking you no matter what.” The script belongs to the writer Kwon Ki-youngSuspicious Partner«, 2017; «All About my Romance«, 2013 and «Protect the Boss», 2011; all dramas I have enjoyed very much. The address is from the PD No Sang Hoon who previously worked with the writer on the 2015 drama «Hello Monster». There will be 16 episodes of mystery, romance, drama and fantasy genres. The premiere is announced for June 6. Credits Soompi

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