tVN’s “Kill Heel”, Teaser and Premiere Change

On November 10, the leading cast for the upcoming tVN drama was confirmed. «Kill Heel” with Kim Ha Neul, Kim Sung Ryung and Lee Hyeyoungat the forefront of the story, they will work with the writer Shin Kwangho Seonam Girls High School Investigators“.and “I Need a Fairy«) and the PD No Do Cheol from “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask“, at the address. «Kill Heel» is a drama that depicts the cut-throat world of home shopping. It will focus on women surviving in a world of competition and power involving show hosts with diverse personalities. The production announced its premiere for this February 23 but recently reported a delay in the date. In the new sneak peek, the three women are backstage in a studio getting ready for showtime. Woo Hyun (Kim Ha Neul) looks a bit tense as she sits in a makeup chair. The people around her do her makeup and take care of her appearance as she looks away from the camera. She narrates: “Now there is no place for me to go back. Now I’m going to get what I want.” The camera then cuts to Ok Sun (Kim Sung Ryung), who is also putting on makeup on a chair. She slyly looks at the camera before flashing a sweet smile at the staff behind her. Her background voiceover says, “Life is always ready to come and punch me in the back of the head.” Finally, Mo Ran (Lee Hye Young) makes a dramatic entrance by suddenly opening the black curtains and emerging from behind them. He glares ahead of her before her voiceover says, “A line that shouldn’t be crossed? Why do you guys decide that?” The camera then cuts to quick individual shots of the three women, each of whom seems wary of the others. Due to a positive case among the members of the production, it was reported that the premiere is now moving to next March 9the production company reported, “We have decided to delay the broadcast to create a safe production environment, so we ask for the understanding of all waiting viewers’Kill Heel‘. We will work harder to do our best in handling safety issues and follow the guidelines of public health authorities.” All three lead actresses were reported to have tested negative for COVID-19. Regarding this story I know two things: First, I have always envied the beauty of Kim Ha Neul and Second that Jun Pyo vu’s mother (Mrs. Lee Hyeyoung), velve with her evil deeds, although more than remembering her for that drama I love her for her wonderful performance in the 2018 drama «mother«. Credits Soompi

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