Truth Behind BAN DHRUV RATHEE Which is Viral on Twitter

In this article, We are Talking about Famous Youtuber Dhruv Rathee and Also Talk about BAN DHRUV RATHEE Tweet

Dhruv Rathee finished his school in Haryana. He got his mechanical science four-year certification from Germany where he likewise finished his lord’s had some expertise in sustainable power. Aside from his proper instruction, he profoundly studies and explores Political Science, Political Philosophy, and Economics.

In 2014, Rathee’s debut video on his channel, named “BJP Exposed: Lies Behind The Bullshit”, focusing on Narendra Modi’s administration that had been chosen before that year. In 2016, Rathee procured online permeability after he “exposed” YouTuber Ajay Sehrawat’s cases of Arvind Kejriwal’s “inadequate” organization. Dhruv Rathee said, “When I saw individuals sharing Ajay Sehrawat’s recordings without checking current realities, I understood the need to introduce real examination before them so they comprehend reality

Dhruv Rathee released a series of fact-checking videos on his YouTube channel covering various topics including

Truth Behind BAN DHRUV RATHEE Which is Viral on Twitter

Now There is Many Tweet viral on Social media about BAN DHRUV RATHEE

Why is Dhruv Rathee getting ban?

Tweets regarding The Youtuber Dhruv Rathee ban are seemingly high on demand. Dhruv is quite socially active on social media platforms, especially on Twitter and YouTube. He usually takes upon topics related to politics, scams, Current social causes. However, his work didn’t always get appreciated.

Likewise, he recently posted a video related to RAFAEL which got a lot of bad reviews. Some even called him out to be a liar. As in the video, Dhruv Rathee stated some facts which were not correct and misinterpreted. It created a lot of hype and result in many other YouTubers taking up the issue and demanding his BAN. Further, hashtags like BAN DHRUV RATHEE are trending on Twitter now. This seems to be a huge downfall for Dhruv rathee’s career.

There is no Correct Information behind this issue

Tweet From Gaurav Goel

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