Trese Season 2 Release Date and More

Is this really true? Does anything like magic and Supernatural powers exist?  Whenever we watch a show or an anime related to magic these are the two questions that always surround our mind. Needless to say, there is no right answer.  We accept what we believe in and refuse what we do not. Be it anything related to the unknown, zombies, or even space. An anime like that named ‘Trese’ Season 2  is soon going to release. Let us see the details.

Trese Season 2

After the release of Trese Season 1’s epic release, the buzzing of the next season is started. Fans loved their first season and cannot wait for the next one. Although the first season just released, Twitter is on it. Hashtags for the next season are started and they are trending day by day.

The Detailed Trailer

Alexandra Trese and her family together bind the Supernatural and the human world. They have taken up the responsibility on themselves to separate the two. Humans always fear what they don’t understand. As there is no scientific reason or a theory promoting the Supernatural powers, it does not exist. 

But it all changes. One train, one accident, and a desk full of reports. Train passing through the bridge got into an accident.  no one can think to pinpoint how it happened. Even the service crew don’t know what and how it happened.

Guadalupe Bridge Is now considered deadly.  The weird thing was that there was blood everywhere but no one died. No one was found at the scene and everybody started to get anxious. How can a train have so much blood and not one person on the train? The blood indicated that there might be a loss of life. Could everyone has run away injured? Nothing was truly making any sense now.

When the Police come to Alexandra for help,  she agrees. Between her journey, she loses all hope. She does not know what to do and how to cope up with all the new information. That is until she regains hope and starts to find reasons.

Trese now knows that she was born ready. While extracting the information she comes across Tiyanak. The creature group behind all these mishappenings. She is ordered to kill Lakan if they get in her way. They are coming for revenge and they will not stop until they get it.

You can watch the official trailer here.

The Idea of Trese Season 2

The story came from a comic. The Filipino comic by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo with over a million copies sold. An award-winning comic who has the heart of many many fans. The same name has been taken from the comic series.


Netflix has always been the one to connect different genres with people. It is no surprise that Netflix wants to be the hub of video content loved by all. From this book, the idea of the series came. Now that the book lovers had a chance to enjoy it, Netflix is providing this experience to viewers.


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